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Strategic Consulting

Wondering how to transform your product from a commodity into an experience? Not sure how to leverage the power of social media and connect with your target demographic? Need help aligning your brand with your company values? Whether you are a tourism board, travel company, property, or product, Michelle Valentine Media can help.

Brand Development

How does your audience connect with your brand? Does your consumer contact have the “personal, human” touch? We provide customized consulting for all aspects of branding to align your unique values with your consumers’ expectations.

Brand Ambassador

Michelle Valentine is a personal brand known for quality travel television programming. She is an expert TV Host, media darling, social media maven, and loved by millions around the world! Consider Michelle Valentine as your Brand Ambassador for your tourism campaign!

Social Media Strategy

Reaching your target audience in a digital world can be difficult. We offer social media consulting for destinations and brands that want to focus on authenticity and engagement. We can help you use online outlets to reach your target customers.

Public Relations / Publicity

Successful PR will create your company as a leader. Media visibility is what successful PR is all about! We’re on the media’s “speed dial” and have extensive contacts in business & social circles. News releases, events, schmoozing, more is what we can offer!

The growth of Orlando Weekly’s personals is phenomenal. AAN papers… are down significantly… The Orlando Weekly is the rare exception. The constant promotions, workshops, direct mail and media attention created by Michelle Valentine is the biggest reason for the incredible growth in personals minutes. Before Michelle started, the paper averaged 550 minutes per week. This year… the highest weekly minutes in the paper’s history came in at 1,800. She is educating the Orlando market, creating a buzz and bringing excitement. She is a “personality” in Orlando and is constantly seeking new ventures for promoting.
Telepublishing International
I have had the pleasure to meet Ms. Valentine in 2004 when practicing in Florida as a Chiropractor. She is an outgoing person with a desire to meet people. Her business of public relations has brought joy to many people’s lives. I have worked with her in the past and she has helped me to reach my goals. As my practice in Florida was a 45 patient a week practice when I bought it, it had risen to 250 patients one year (same staff). Busy doctors do not have the time to do the things to make you busy, but Ms. Valentine can do it for you.
Winter Park Chiropractic Center
Whining won’t put money toward the bottom line, so what’s the solution? How does a newspaper revive the product and keep the cash flowing? Publisher credits several factors, but her favorite is a personals’ personality known only by the unique name, Michelle Valentine. Valentine settled into the business of giving the personals class and pizzazz. She has her own cable TV show that interviews personals users. She offers seminars in finding romance, and she devises and attends promotional singles social events, often co-sponsored with radio stations and/or clubs.
Editor & Publisher Magazine

Content Creation

Need to portray a fresh perspective of your destination or brand? Interested in sharing a more personal side of your destination? Or attracting people through food, adventure and culture? As a seasoned television personality and published book author and newspaper travel writer and wine blogger, Michelle Valentine will communicate your brand as an experience the public can relate to.

Digital Storytelling

Creating a personal experience of your tour, destination or offering through blog writing and social media coverage (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube).

Beautiful Photography

High-resolution photos, artistically enhanced images for increased engagement via social sharing and professionally edited images with graphic & text overlays.

Engaging Videos

Your video will be hosted by Michelle Valentine. Professionally-produced and edited videos can be streamed or shown live. Showcase your destination or product through the eyes of a TV Travel Host!

Dear Michelle, thank you so very much for your interest and support of Lisa Merlin House by filming and featuring on your television show. I watched the program and thought you did a wonderful job of presenting us in the best possible way. We have even gotten a few calls from individuals who saw your show and are interested.
Lisa Merlin House
Thank you and your television crew for filming our ‘How to Write a Romance Novel’ workshop. Our event was a phenomenal success. We had 103 registrants – twice what we expected!
Central Florida Romance Writers

TV Series Partner
Love Eat Travel with Michelle Valentine

Become a Series Partner!

We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities, suited for most budgets.
Contact us, and we would be happy to create a customized campaign for you,
to promote your business or destination.

Michelle Valentine was a great way to show off our restaurant. Our staff is excited to do more shows because the response brought in so much business. Customers saw the show and thought it was great – we even had one man propose to his fiancee after seeing the show that billed us as a romantic destination!
Cafe Trastevere
You did a show on the Riverview Hotel in New Smyrna Beach. You also visited a restaurant while there. Would you please send me the name of the restaurant again, as I’m taking my wife to the Riverview for our 27th anniversary and I want to take her to the restaurant, too! Thank you.
TV show viewer

We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities, suited for most budgets.

Contact us, and we would be happy to create a customized campaign for you,
to promote your business or destination.

Speaking Engagements

Need “edu-tainment” for your upcoming event? As a world-traveling speaker, Michelle Valentine loves to inspire and motivate others! She has presented to vacationers aboard Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Princess cruise lines… at ladies’ fashion show luncheons… to college students… to 30,000 attendees at a Southern Women’s Show convention. Topics include travel, entertainment, psychology, business, and media. Make your next event shine! Book me to present a customized seminar or workshop – or emcee – your upcoming event: ladies’ luncheon, awards banquet, charity benefit, career fair, cruise, business convention, dating expo, etc.


If you’re seeking a dynamic emcee to keep your guests entertained at your charity benefit, awards banquet, anniversary dinner, etc., then consider Michelle Valentine for your upcoming special event!

Workshop Leader

Michelle Valentine will present a customized seminar or workshop for your special group! Topics include travel, tourism, business, psychology, television & radio, news media, art.

Keynote Speaker

Are you having an event that is so special, that guests will need to be motivated or educated for an hour or more? Your guests enjoying a sit down meal or business convention will be thoroughly entertained.

Michelle, thank you for participating (emceeing) on the Fashion and Entertainment stage! It was so fun and a great addition to the features of the Southern Women’s Show! It was a pleasure and we hope to see you again!
Southern Women's Show
Dear Ms. Valentine… Because of you, we’ve been able to meet the educational, personal enrichment and continued learning needs of our patrons and participants from the surrounding community.
Winter Park Public Library

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