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Michelle Valentine is TV Host & Producer of the new travel TV show, "Love Eat Travel" and writer for the "Love Eat Travel" blog website. She also hosted her own nationally airing TV talk show, "Michelle Valentine Show". Michelle Valentine, B.A. Psychology, is the Published Author of the book, "How to Find Love Online" and Newspaper Columnist of "Dear Michelle Valentine" with over 200 columns published. She lives happily-ever-after with her husband in sunny Florida, with a home on the ocean waters and enjoys watching dolphins and romantic sunsets!
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Afternoon at an African Ostrich Farm in Paradera, Aruba

When you think of Aruba, you probably think sea, sun and beach... But Aruba has more to offer than that, and there are different sorts of activities you can do. One of the adventures I experienced in Aruba [...]

Getting Zen at Japanese Rock Gardens

I arrived at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens for a lovely day trip a mere two hours before they closed (unknowingly), but still had enough time to wander around the lovely little lake to view the floral and [...]

Tips for Salmon Fishing in Game Creek, Alaska

Born and raised in Michigan - known as the "Great Lake State" - I grew up spending lots of weekends fishing on a boat, or offshore. Caught lots of perch, bass, and when the season was around - smelt [...]

Historic Seelbach Hilton Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky

My experience of a romantic weekend stay at the 4-diamond luxury Seelbach Hilton Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky - appearing on the National Register of Historical Places - can never be described as “ordinary”! The Historical Beginning The Seelbach Hilton [...]

Healthy Cooking TV Licensed to 25 U.S. TV Markets, Airing in Half Million Households

"Healthy Cooking" 5-minute recipe episodes featuring TV Host, Michelle Valentine, has reached a milestone! The episodes are licensed to over 25 PEG television stations - and airing in over half million U.S. households. Each episode features Michelle Valentine introducing [...]