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Michelle Valentine is TV Host & Producer of the new travel TV show, "Love Eat Travel" and writer for the "Love Eat Travel" blog website. Her nationally-airing TV talk show, "Michelle Valentine Show" is still currently airing in select U.S. TV markets. Michelle Valentine, B.A. Psychology, is the Published Author of the book, "How to Find Love Online" and Newspaper Columnist of "Dear Michelle Valentine" with over 200 columns published. She lives happily-ever-after with her husband in sunny Florida, with a home on the ocean waters and enjoys watching dolphins and romantic sunsets!
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KFC on Grand Cayman Island – Daily Travel Photo

Why is this chicken standing at the front doors of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)?! Couldn't resist taking this photo while walking around town on the island. photo copyright Michelle Valentine

Helicopter Landing in Juneau, Alaska – Daily Travel Photo

photo copyright Michelle Valentine

Helicopter Landing on an Alaskan Glacier – video

Landing via helicopter, on the way to climb Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls, Juneau, Alaska... Can you see the orange camp... and the group of glacier trekkers way in the distance? Have you been to Alaska? Leave your comment [...]

The Meaning of Different Rose Colors and Types

Dear Michelle Valentine, I know that sending roses is the most special of flowers to send to someone, but isn’t there certain meanings to sending certain colors and types? I don’t want to send the wrong impression to someone [...]

Should She Invite This Flirty Guy to a Super Bowl Party

Dear Michelle Valentine, I met a great guy recently (hard to find a great guy in Orlando). We talked, seemed like we had a lot in common, we exchanged phone numbers, etc., then I asked him to a small [...]