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1 Minute First Date Tip: Colors to Wear

Here's your 1 minute dating tip when going on a first date: Do: Wear colors that are youthful, playful, exciting! Ladies: Red is always a great choice, as it shows your magnetic personality! Be careful that the style isn't [...]

Dating a Man in Debt

Dear Michelle Valentine, I am a professional working career girl, with a great apartment and a nice car. I have a little bit of money in my savings account, and I don’t spend money foolishly. The problem is, I’m [...]

Wife of Boozing Husband Wants to Start Extramarital Affair

Dear Michelle Valentine, I married my husband hoping to moderate his wild ways, which includes his habit of consuming huge quantities of alcohol and going to topless bars with his buddies from work. I am worried that he will [...]

Man Only Wants to Date Beautiful Blondes and Redheads

Dear Michelle Valentine, This may sound like a silly question about my online dating profile, but does it seem silly to ask for a 5’2” blonde with a great body? Should I? Actually, that would be great but a [...]

Single Mom Dating a Man Who Won’t Accept Her Son

Dear Michelle Valentine, I'm a single mom, I’ve just started dating this nice guy with a great personality, and he has a great job and likes taking me out on the weekends. We have a really great time together! [...]