eNewsletter – February 14, 2109 – ❤❤ Happy Valentine’s Day from Michelle Valentine ❤❤

Healthy Cooking TV Licensed to 25 U.S. TV Markets, Airing in Half Million Households

"Healthy Cooking" 5-minute recipe episodes featuring TV Host, Michelle Valentine, has reached a milestone! The episodes are licensed to over 25 PEG television stations - and airing in over half million U.S. households. Each episode features Michelle Valentine introducing [...]

Married! Michelle Valentine Got Married Aboard a Cruise Ship

Michelle Valentine got married on June 30, 2017, aboard a cruise ship on a three-day journey to the Bahamas. Nearly 50 of her and her husband's closest friends and relatives attended the 3-day event. They exchanged their vows while [...]

Engaged! Michelle Valentine Proposed to During Valentine’s Day Stay at Disney

Michelle Valentine is engaged! Her boyfriend proposed during their romantic Valentine's Day stay at a Disney World resort! After 2 years of dating long-distance, he arranged (another) romantic weekend getaway at Disney World, this time during Valentine's Day. He [...]

New Travel TV Show, Love Eat Travel, to be Hosted by Michelle Valentine

Love Eat Travel with Michelle Valentine is a fun, entertaining, and educational travel TV show that takes viewers to gorgeous getaways from around the world. Hosted by Michelle Valentine (known as “Orlando’s Oprah” and a seasoned world traveler), viewers [...]