Dear Michelle Valentine,

My now ex-female friend is attractive, intelligent, honest, hardworking, and a bunch of other appealing descriptive terms.

She asked me to set her up with someone, so it was my quest to introduce her to someone so she would stop asking me to find her a date when we talked on the phone for hours.

I figured I could get her drunk and take her to a discotheque to set her up with a guy. Well, I got drunk too and ended up dancing with a pretty girl all night instead of helping out my friend. Now she’s really, really mad at me and was even crying on the phone.

I really miss her, so what can I do to her know I’m really sorry for dancing with that other girl?



Dear Jay,

I believe I see something going on here between you two. With your phone calls, your positive description of her and her pushes for you to set her up with “someone”, it seems as though we’re dealing with two people who like each other but are afraid to act upon it.

The discotheque was the big test:

She agreed to go because she felt it would be a great way to spend time with you.

Of course she’s upset because you went off with another girl that night! But I believe you danced with another girl because you couldn’t bear to see your friend having a good time with another man.

I’m sure your friend would love to talk to you again, and I think you should make the first move.

The two of you must have an honest conversations about your true feelings toward each other.

Dear Reader:

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