Dear Michelle Valentine,

Help! I am a young physician, never married, no children. I work a tremendous amount of hours and have a pretty crazy schedule. In other words, I don’t meet many women other than the ones I work with.

What is your view on dating someone you work with?

I have my eye on a funny, attractive female physician.

Should I ask her out?

Heartbeat Ahead


Dear Heartbeat,

Due to your crazy work schedule, it could be difficult to meet women to date, but you should first at least make the effort to meet women outside of your work environment.

Be sure to tell your friends – and your buddies’ girlfriends – that you are now ready to meet someone, and you are actively looking. I am sure your friends would enjoy being your matchmaker!

Regarding the co-worker you have your eye on: You might want to first form a friendship with your associate. Start small chat with her, throw her a few smiles, then invite her for coffee.

If you are very shy, invite her to meet you at a group outing with your friends. Keep very low-keyed until you realize if it is worth going out on an actual date with her. Be very careful though, so not to make her uncomfortable with your efforts – some companies have strict guidelines regarding sexual harassment and unwanted pursuits.

I’m certain word travels fast in the hospital break room of which associates are dating whom, so take things slowly to avoid being the weekly gossip topic!

If after a few months you do feel you might make a great couple, ask her out on an “official” date!