Love Eat Travel with Michelle Valentine

  • downtown miami beach

Midnight Drive in Downtown Miami Beach

Driving through Downtown Miami Beach after the clock struck twelve midnight...

Chocolate Mousse over Fudge Brownie video recipe

Watch this video for a delicious recipe to make Chocolate Mousse over Fudge Brownie!

  • winter park christmas parade

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane at a Hometown Christmas Parade

If you're visiting sunny Florida for Christmas, be sure to attend the annual "Ye Olde Hometown Christmas Parade" held every year in Winter Park, Florida! This year marks their 64th [...]

Microdermabrasion Can Help Your Skin Look Younger

After a snow-skiing vacation, your skin may not be in the best shape. It may be dry, flaky, and have red patches. Plus, if your at-home beauty creams aren't doing [...]

African Ostrich Feeding in Paradera, Aruba

When you think of Aruba, you probably think sea, sun and beach... But Aruba has more to offer than that, and there are different sorts of activities you can do. [...]

Watch the trailer for the new travel TV show, Love Eat Travel with Michelle Valentine

Love Eat Travel with Michelle Valentine TV Show inspires all to love, eat, travel! Love Eat Travel with Michelle Valentine is a fun, entertaining, and educational travel TV show that takes [...]

Terrified of Going to Singles Parties

Dear Michelle Valentine, I have to admit that for the past 2 months, I have been receiving your email newsletter, and although all the singles get-together and seminars and stuff [...]

Salmon Fishing in Game Creek, Alaska

Born and raised in Michigan - known as the "Great Lake State" - I grew up spending lots of weekends fishing on a boat, or offshore. Caught lots of perch, [...]

Romantic Beach for Two: New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Living in Florida, I love to visit the beach at least once a month. My favorite beach closest to Orlando, Florida (where I live) is New Smyrna Beach. New Smyrna [...]

Single Former Cheerleader Seeking Football Loving Man

Pamela feels like a ‘Fish out of Water’.  Thank goodness she is a very active female! Pamela has been a sports fanatic, ever since she was in high school. Plus, [...]

Single Beach Guy Seeking Fun Female

This is the true story about a beach loving single male in his early fifties who has been surprised by his friends with this special sign outside his home. When [...]

Single Career Female Seeking Male

Brandy has several body features to talk about. First, her lips are a luscious plump shape. Second, her elongated straight brunette hair flows below her busty breasts. Finally, her chubby [...]

About My World Travels…

If you love to travel - or are planning your next getaway - I live in Orlando, Florida, and have traveled to many places around the world, and am excited [...]

Single Hispanic Male 30s Seeking Love

Alex is an attractive thirty year old male. He is considered a quiet type of guy; a person could say that he is a homebody. Alex’s occupation is in customer [...]

Single Hispanic Female 30s Seeking Love

Evalyn is a Hispanic lady with two children who has been raised in New York but now is a Florida transplant. Evalyn is in her late thirties and seeking someone [...]

Single Blonde Male Seeking Woman for Yachting Around the World

This  is Douglas a blond hair and blue eyed handsome male. He is extremely tall, muscular, and athletic. Douglas is in his late forties. Douglas possesses a positive vibe when [...]

What is Matchmaking?

Busy single professionals are searching for new ways to find a special someone in their life. Working many hours or traveling across the country—or around the world—offers little time for [...]

Single African American Male Seeking Fun Female

Chris is a 26-year-old cameraman. He is a tall African American. He loves shaking his body to some great music while on the dance floor. He is seeking the right [...]

Single Female 30s Seeking Tall Slim Man

Lauressa is a single gal in her thirties. She works in the field of advertising and some of her focus at work is based upon special events such as music [...]