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Hello! Thousands of individuals have trusted me over the past 20 years to help them achieve the life they deserve! I can help you, too! Find and/or keep the love of your life… Create a healthy, positive mental attitude… Or achieve career and business success. It’s time you create the extraordinary life you’ve always wanted! Work with me today to get the life you deserve tomorrow!

Life, Dating, Relationships, Career Coaching

Create the extraordinary life you’ve always wanted! Michelle Valentine, B.A. Psychology, provides unique and practical personalized sessions to help you immediately in any aspect of your life to: achieve a healthy, positive mental attitude… have balanced life relationships… have better success at dating… achieving career and business success, and more! Get started TODAY, to get a fabulous TOMORROW!

I want to thank you sooooo very much for helping me with my interview skills. They paid off! I got right in. : ) I couldn’t have done it without you. You are amazing!
Amy, Pennsylvania
I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am because I met my future husband! I never really figured I would be getting married again. But thanks to you, I have met the most fantastic man! I continue to encourage all my friends and co-workers who are single to seek out your services. Thanks once again – a loyal fan!!
Rose, Orlando

Online Dating Profile Rewrite

If you enjoy the convenience of online dating, but aren’t getting the response you hoped for… Or are new to online dating… then let me help you find the person of your dreams! I did! I found my husband online!
Also, did you know my published book, “How to Find Love Online: Secrets, Tips, and Lists for
Getting the Best Response” is a best-selling book on online dating? I will help you write an online dating profile
that truthfully showcases who you are, what your life is about, and who you wish to meet.
It’s easy to get started, so don’t waste any more time! Contact me today!

how to find love online dating book
Good morning not sure if you remember taking this pic of me 3 yrs ago? I added it to my profile and a guy that I was talking to on and off for a few weeks complimented me on it finally asked me out to lunch and long story short we got married 😊. I have you to thank lol and wish you the same happiness that I found in your marriage. xx

Matchmaking / Personal Introductions

If you are seeking someone of considerable substance and style, I will personally introduce you to someone special. Highly active in the most VIP of social and business societies – in addition to thousands of quality singles in my database – I have created a vast network of highly desirable men and women available to be introduced to you! Are you ready to be introduced to the finest singles in the world? Tell me who you are seeking, and I will find them for you… in your local area – or across the world!

Our first date lasted 3.5 hours. She is attractive, well mannered, interesting, good conversationalist, passionate, educated, thoughtful, easy to be with, fun to be with. She really understands what I am all about. I want to see her again!
Super fun! (about meeting all the women throughout his personal Matchmaking service)

Makeovers for Social and Career

Need a new look for your social life? If you feel you are being overlooked by the opposite sex, it’s time to create an image that makes you highly desirable to the opposite sex! Learn the right colors, styles, and “tricks of the trade”… Perhaps you need to “amp up” your career?… Get “the look of success” to take your career to the next level! Wearing the right wardrobe assures you to gain respect from your peers and upper level management – as well as a higher income potential! Get a new look immediately! Contact me to get started TODAY, to look better TOMORROW!

Ms. Valentine gave me great tips to look more classy to attract the right type of man.

I’ve been dating the wrong types of men for too long! She helped to give me confidence and feel vibrant!!!

Marie, Orlando

Entrepreneur & Executive Consulting

Are you aspiring to start your own business?… Do you want to take your business or career to the next level?… Or perhaps you have a great idea for a product, book, blog, or TV show and don’t know how to get started… Or perhaps you’re interested in becoming a glamorous Matchmaker and getting in on the billion-dollar dating industry by starting your own Matchmaking Company… As a successful entrepreneur, Michelle Valentine can teach you the secrets of success by branding your ideas and helping you acquire the tools you need to get you to the TOP!

I have had the pleasure to meet Ms. Valentine in 2004 when practicing in Florida as a Chiropractor. She is an outgoing person with a desire to meet people. Her business of public relations has brought joy to many people’s lives. I have worked with her in the past and she has helped me to reach my goals. As my practice in Florida was a 45 patient a week practice when I bought it, it had risen to 250 patients one year (same staff). Busy doctors do not have the time to do the things to make you busy, but Ms. Valentine can do it for you.
Dr. Jeffrey Wechsler, D.C., Winter Park Chiropractic Center
I met Michelle at a point where my musical career was struggling! Michelle’s knowledge and positive advice along with her great experience with social networking and marketing taught me to market and brand myself thru emails and websites and give me a positive public image. Now I am one of the most successful musicians in town in much part due to her! Not only is she a good friend now, but a positive influence on my personal and professional life.
Matt The Saxman

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