Spending a romantic week in the northern Basque country of Bilbao, Spain, I couldn’t get over all the tapas / pintxos to choose from! Each restaurant had their own specialty, and each had about a dozen to choose from! Prices ranged from $1 to $5 each, and it was so much fun to walk up to the counter and choose!

They were always beautifully displayed, and I was compelled to take photos of these delicious appetizers!

Here are some photos to drool over:

Falafel con Shiitake

20160418_192028 (2)


Setas Rellenas

20160418_192102 (2)

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Crujiente de Manzana con Pato en Salsa de Cacahuete

20160418_192058 (2)


Bocaditos de Berenjena

20160418_192055 (2)


Carpaccio de Puerro con Pulpo y Jamon

20160418_192025 (2)


Nido de Pollo Lacado con Rucula

20160418_192022 (2)


Buneulos de Bacalao con Alioli

20160418_191907 (2)


Hamburguesa Irrintzi

20160418_191902 (2)


Croquetas de Txipis

20160418_192047 (2)


Pimientos Rellenos de Verdura

20160418_192051 (2)


Buneulos de Bacalao con Alioli

20160418_191907 (2)


OK, you counted 11 photos… I had to add an extra one! : )