I love the festivities, the foods, the parties, and the decorations!

Speaking of decorations… here are 20 of my favorite Christmas tree ornaments for the travel lover!

Plus, to help you with ideas, I’ve added “Decorating Tips” for each category, too!

The 20 Christmas tree ornaments are sorted by Cruise Lovers, International Travel Lovers, Air Flying Lovers, Beach Travel Lovers, and Vegas Lovers.

Cruise Lovers

Do you love to cruise? I sure do! Live the dream with colorful cruise ship ornaments on your Christmas tree this year. If you have friends or family that love cruising, get them a miniature cruise ship ornament gift to make them smile!

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Decorating Tip:

Go with a blue color theme tree, to remind yourself of the crystal blue waters of the ocean. Use blue lights and blue ribbons for great effect!

International Travel Lovers

Take that mini passport and luggage and hang them on your Christmas tree! Better yet, after the holidays, hang these adorable decorations up near your computer work station to remind yourself of your past and upcoming travels. Get one for a co-worker so they can daydream about traveling, too!

Decorating Tip:

Place a few pieces of vintage luggage as decor around your tree for added effect. Find them at your local vintage or thrift store.

Air Flying Lovers

Look up! There’s an airplane in your Christmas tree! Whether you like the cute style or sleek airplane style, there is one to love! Colorful airplanes will make your tree shine!

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Decorating Tip:

Hang the airplane ornament high, high, on your Christmas tree!

Beach Travel Lovers

Who’s going to the beach this Christmas season? Me, for sure, as I live in Florida! Are you dreaming of hot, sunny weather for Christmas… even if it’s snowing outside? Look no further than these pretty beach-themed Christmas ornaments of starfish, seahorses, and shells.

Decorating Tip:

With pastel colors, consider light ribbons and white lights on your tree for more light-hearted decor!

Vegas Travel Lovers

Vegas, baby! If you’re dreaming of hitting the slots, keep that dream alive with a Vegas Christmas ornament! Choose from hip styles and hot colors!

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Decorating Tip:

Vegas is loaded with bright, blinking lights. Create a very exciting Christmas tree! Choose multi-color lights that twinkle & blink!