7 Jaw-Dropping Experiences at a Florida Alligator Park

Alligators inhabit tropical and subtropical areas with plenty of lakes and watery swamps. Thus, there is an abundance of alligators in Florida, a state surrounded on three sides by sea and with opulent lakes.

Florida’s alligators are very famous, and the University of Florida has chosen an alligator as its sports symbol.

On a sunny day, many visitors from across the country choose to take a look at the alligators in this sunshine state.

Hello, Cute Little Alligators!

Alligator Adventure in Florida

Florida's Alligator Adventure


Black Hammock Adventure Park

I had a great day at the Black Hammock Adventure Park in Oviedo, Florida.

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It’s a part of Central Florida, just a little northeast of Orlando. See what you can do to spend a day if you’re looking for summer fun…

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Here’s the 7 activities I did while there:


Airboat Rides


Florida's Alligator Adventure


The first exciting experience you can have is taking the airboat ride!

You can see the environment that alligators live in and will find alligators lounging in the water.

Traveling in an airboat under a bright sun and encountering alligators are truly breathtaking! Hold on!

You can also admire a colorful painting of nature by the composition of green trees, blue skies, and white clouds while on the airboat.

Check out the comical sign:


Airboat Ride in Florida


There are sweet tips to show you the weather change in a unique way, so make sure to observe the hanging rock!


Meet Macaw Birds


Macaw Bird in Florida


What a brightly colored Macaw bird!

Isn’t its’ vibrant color the expression of Florida’s vitality?

There are some Macaw birds in the ecological park, and they have different colors to attract visitors.


Alligator Adventure in Florida


Some of them are blue and yellow, some are red and green, and sometimes you can see a pink lemonade color one.

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See? There is a rainbow-color macaw bird standing on the steel tube.


Macaw Bird in Florida

The Macaw bird gets zebra stripes around its eyes.

Meet Live Gators


Alligator Adventure in Florida


Gator’s showtime!

From afar, their back looks fierce-looking but their eyes and face revealed a little bit adorable… in a strange sense.

When the day is hot, you’ll see them walking around in the water to cool off.

When it’s cool, they may lie down on the land for an afternoon nap.

Feed Live Gators


Florida's Alligator Adventure


Several different-size gators lie down on the ground and take a rest.

This guy is showing off his teeth!

Feeding animals is the usual way to get closer to them, but you are not allowed to feed or reach out to them without guidance.

Don’t forget they are wild animal alligators!

You can buy special food for them – they love chicken legs!


Alligator Adventure in Florida

Cocktails at the Lazy Gator Bar

An afternoon drink can be relaxing, especially if you’re tired of walking.

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Just sit down at the very casual, festive bar to order a cocktail to enjoy your afternoon.

We had slushy margaritas!


Florida's Alligator Adventure


The bar in the park is full of tropical beach decor!


Alligator Adventure in Florida

Eat Alligator Bites & Alligator Tacos

This is the most exciting part! You can taste alligator bites!


Alligator Adventure in Florida


What does alligator taste like?


They look like fried chicken bites but are slightly chewy.

The batter is good and crunchy, which gives them a unique texture taste!


Florida's Alligator Adventure

Visit the Gift Shop


Alligator Adventure in Florida


Often at the end of a trip, you may want to stop by a souvenir shop and bring home a fridge magnet, pin, or doll to commemorate your unique and fun trip.

The Black Hammock gift shop there is not very big, but there are many interesting souvenirs for you to choose from.


Tips for Visiting a Florida Alligator Park:

    • Wear comfy, loose clothing
    • Wear sneakers (no high heels)
    • Not a lot of long, dangly jewelry (birds can grab your jewelry or you get caught in an alligator fence)
    • Bring bug spray (lots of mosquitos)
    • Be sure to try alligator food for a unique experience to tell all your friends and family about
    • If going on an airboat ride, be sure to bring something to tie your hair back. Hats will fly off your head!