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Have you ever been in a bad relationship that, after it was OVER, you said to yourself, “What a waste of my time!”?

Do you wish you could have prevented wasting time on that wrong person?…

Has this happened to you more than once, and you’re wondering how you can stop wasting time and avoid a bad relationship from the very beginning?

I’ve created a special audio course for you to learn how to recognize “Red Flags” in a person. It’s titled, “Recognizing Red Flags to Avoid a Bad Relationship“, and this 35 minute audio course can help you to avoid a bad relationship from the very beginning!



What is a “Red Flag” and how it pertains to dating & relationships?

A “Red Flag” is a behavioral trait in a person that is mean, controlling, and has no empathy towards a person whose feelings they have hurt.

These self-centered traits are things they do and/or say to other people… and eventually, to you.

In my half-hour audio course, “Recognizing Red Flags to Avoid a Bad Relationship“, you will learn:

• How to quickly recognize someone with “Red Flags”

• Behavioral Red Flags to look out for

• Verbal Red Flags to listen for

• Dealing with a Red Flags person

• How to leave a person exhibiting Red Flags

• How to identify a relationship-minded man

• … and more suggestions, techniques, and tips

While this audio course features women’s stories and situations with men – men can also learn from this audio course, as well.

This audio course can be downloaded and will be yours to keep – to listen to whenever you need a refresher on this topic.

This audio course is a full 35 minutes in length, and spoken in the English language. It’s only $12.99, so get it now…

It’s in a convenient MP3 format so you can listen to Michelle Valentine’s audio course, “Recognizing Red Flags to Avoid a Bad Relationship” while driving to work, while working out at the gym, or when relaxing at home with your computer.

I know you’ll love it… as much as I loved creating it for you!

Michelle Valentine