Cemeteries offer a unique view of American history and culture.

From the ornate tombstones of New England to the eerie desert cemeteries of the Southwest, and the Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando, these final resting places are worth a visit.

The history of cemeteries can be traced back to ancient times, and many of them are now popular tourist destinations for individuals interested in art and history.

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Wedding Locations

In recent years, cemeteries have also become popular locations for weddings. The natural landscape and serene atmosphere provide a unique backdrop for nuptials.

In the United States, there are several famous cemeteries that are worth a visit.

Arlington National Cemetery

The Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia is a United States military cemetery that contains the graves of more than 400,000 American servicemen and women.

The Arlington National Cemetery is open to the public every day of the year except Christmas Day.

Graceland Cemetery

Another popular cemetery is Graceland Cemetery in Illinois, which is the burial site of several well-known historical figures, including President Abraham Lincoln.

Greenwood Cemetery

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The Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando, Florida offers historical tours of the cemetery. I visited this cemetery a few years ago and was really impressed with the tour. The cemetery is very large and contains graves dating back to the 1800s. The grounds had magnificent oak trees with hanging moss, creating an eerie yet beautiful walk. It rained during my tour, which made it even more enchanting.

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Greenwood Cemetery is the final resting place of some of Orlando’s most famous residents, including Dr. David Levy Yulee, the first U.S. Senator from Florida, and James Gamble Rogers, architect of the University of Florida campus in Gainesville.

Mount Auburn Cemetery

Mount Auburn Cemetery is a famous cemetery located in Cambridge and Watertown, Massachusetts. The cemetery is known for its hillside location, picturesque landscape, and many notable residents, including Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Daniel Webster, and Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Love History and Travel?

Some of the most famous people in American history are buried in cemeteries, including presidents, writers, and industrialists. The gravesites of these luminaries are tourist destinations in their own right.

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