Dear Michelle Valentine,

Christmas will be here soon, and I’m really nervous about getting the right present for my girlfriend, Stacey. We’ve been dating seriously now for close to a year, and an engagement ring is not in the picture just yet.

Do you have suggestions for a really special gift?

Joe, Orlando


Dear Joe,

If you had just started to date Stacey – say, a week to 2 months – these would have been some nice, simple gifts to consider:

  • a pretty, scented candle
  • a unique picture frame (with a photo of you two in it, of course)
  • a silk scarf
  • a cute pair of earrings
  • or a delicious box of specialty chocolates

But since you have been in a serious relationship with her for nearly a year now, those things won’t score you too many “boyfriend points.”

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Here’s some wonderful ideas to make her Christmas special:

  • Send an incredibly fabulous bouquet of her favorite flowers to her office (so her associates will know you really are as great as she’s been telling them).
  • Buy her a gift certificate for a day of beauty at the poshest spa in your area (be sure it includes a facial, manicure, pedicure, body massage, champagne lunch and limousine service to and from the spa).
  • That diamond tennis bracelet she stared at too long the last time you two went to the mall (after a year of dating with no engagement commitment from you, she at least deserves diamonds).
  • An ensemble of her favorite Parisian fragrance: full-sized perfume spray bottle, scented body lotion, dusting powder, shower gel (best if packaged in one of those arranged gift baskets with a massive bow on top).
  • A fabulous, sparkly evening dress, with a gift certificate tucked inside the box for that romantic French restaurant she’s been hinting at.
  • A beautifully wrapped large box, which holds two plane tickets for a weekend in Paris (for the two of you, of course).
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And remember; Joe, it’s the thought that counts. Just make sure it counts up to a hundred dollars!

We’ve all had good and bad gift-giving experiences in our lives. We all have gifts to share… especially the gift of knowledge. My hope is that this week’s advice column empowers you to take (or continue on) the wonderful journeys life has to offer!

Now, I would love to hear from you… Have you – or someone you’ve known – to be in this situation? Or… if not, what advice would YOU give to this letter-writer? Yes, more than one answer is allowed – but I’m truly curious as to what made your heart pound the most.

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With so much love and appreciation,


Michelle Valentine