“Why do I need Michelle Valentine as my personal Matchmaker?”

Michelle Valentine’s matchmaking service brings a proven psychological approach to relationship goals. She brings together individuals by building close relationships with her clients, getting to know every individual on a personal level by pre-screening and pre-qualifying. This provides a depth of knowledge you would not otherwise get in a casual acquaintance, nor at a “just dating” type of service.

Michelle Valentine’s matchmaking results are measurable and lasting – over the past 20+ years, Michelle Valentine has successfully arranged over 10,000 matches/dates/relationships/marriages. A point to remember: If you have not met your relationship goals yet, it could be you are simply meeting people in the wrong places, or you are making inappropriate choices, or you have unrealistic expectations of who is an appropriate mate for you. These choices could be based upon past dating experiences which effect your current dating patterns.

Lastly, most Michelle Valentine clients don’t have the time or the inclination to date randomly. They know what they want and look to Michelle Valentine to provide a high-level focused approach, the expertise and an exceptional pool of individuals to identify their ideal mates.

“How do you find my matches?”

Michelle Valentine travels the world, and in doing so, is always on the lookout for ideal matches for her clients. She is also regularly featured on local and international TV news programs, radio shows, and featured in newspapers and magazines worldwide… which elicits a high volume of new singles in her network. She is active with major charitable foundations, community social events, and business networking groups. Through these and other strategic alliances, Michelle Valentine stays up-to-date on the singles market, allowing incredible singles to connect with her!

In addition, Michelle Valentine hosts events for men and women throughout the year. She acquires thousands of new singles each year through events such as “Open Call” for Bachelors & Bachelorettes, charity Bachelor & Bachelorette Auctions, themed galas and dances, cocktail parties, trips & outdoor adventures, and Ms. Valentine’s lectures and workshops. This gives her the opportunity to personally meet with hundreds of attractive, high-quality men and women each and every month, and from all parts of the world.

Sponsorships and media coverage:  Michelle Valentine sponsors events and donates to numerous charities and social events throughout the world, not to mention hundreds of TV, radio and publication coverage. Her associations include/have included:

  • BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Radio, Ms. Valentine offering on-air advice on the #1 radio show in the UK – furthering worldwide membership network
  • Southern Women’s Show – 10,000+ women in one weekend
  • VOTED – “Best of Orlando” by the Orlando Weekly Newspaper
  • “Win A Date With A Millionaire” contest
  • American Red Cross, “Valentine Rendezvous”
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Auction, Fireman & Policeman Association
  • Toys For Tots, musical gala
  • SPCA – Humane Society, “Beer & Bones Brouhaha”
  • Variety Club For Children, “Art Of The Vine” wine tasting extravaganza
  • Jewish Community Center, Single Mingle Conference
  • Blind Date TV Show, “Singles Night With The Magic” basketball game
  • Barbizon Model & Talent Agency, speaking engagements/recruitments
  • Parisian department store, “An Evening in Paris”
  • Many, many, many more events and charities

“I date frequently, why would I pay a Matchmaker to meet someone?”

Matchmaking is for people who don’t have trouble getting dates – they simply want a more efficient, results-oriented approach to dating. You invest wisely in other aspects of your life, in your profession, your physique, your finances – why stop short in your personal relationships?

Michelle Valentine as your personal Matchmaker is like other professional services – she can free up your time; make the right matching decisions for you; and is a true investment in better, more fulfilling use of your personal time. The though of, “But the kind of people I am looking for would never be involved in a matchmaking service…”  is no longer true. The stigma of using a resource to help you find a quality relationship is long since dissipated. You are probably no different from every other discriminating busy single who would like to meet someone special, but who has too little time, and is tired and unsatisfied with the average venues for meeting other singles.

Singles in Michelle Valentine’s network include millionaires, models, engineers, teachers, doctors, nurses, and other educated professionals. Over 95% of singles in her network are educated formally or via unique life experiences.

Clients of Michelle Valentine aren’t the type of people you’d find in an average dating service, in the bars, or online. Simply, her clients have a lot to offer and are selective about whom they meet. They become a client because they are serious about finding a long-term mate. When someone retains Michelle Valentine as their Matchmaker, and takes the time to go through her matchmaking process, they are serious about finding a quality individual. They place their relationship future in our capable hands so she can more effectively find them what they are looking for.

Michelle Valentine’s introductions are valuable. The question you need to ask yourself is, would you rather keep doing this on your own – or would you rather have someone pre-screened and pre-qualified for you, by Michelle Valentine, a successful, professional Matchmaker?

“I’m incredibly busy and barely have time for myself, let alone the time to devote to a service like this. Why should I bother?”

Your goal is to have a long-term relationship… Someone to share your accomplishments, love and life with. You keep meeting people you are attracted to, but find after several dates they’re not for you. A busy professional life seldom allows for dating, let alone the time and energy it takes to find the right person. And this is exactly why Michelle Valentine is right for you.

Michelle Valentine enables you to make quality use of your time. Instead of spending energy on weeding through prospective dates and non-committal individuals, Michelle Valentine identifies what you’re looking for and introduces you to individuals that meet your criteria. She manages your time for you!

“How does Michelle Valentine locate my matches?”

In seeking the perfect mate for you, Michelle Valentine does not limit your matching with just other clients. She searches through her entire network base, as well as creates a specific search marketing campaign just for you… using her savvy social media skills, via her onw TV show, and “matchmaking scouts”.
You will meet individuals you are uniquely qualified for. And she does not find those qualifications by asking what your favorite color is, or if you would rather have a dog or a cat, or what kind of music you like.

Michelle Valentine, B.A. Psychology, touches deeper – to personal values, goals, activities, and physical preferences. Her methods are unique in the industry. She screens each candidate personally over a 1 – 2 hour personal, formal interview. She has background information on clients, continually building intelligence into her proprietary database, and uses completely confidential methods. You will never find your profile sold to a database, and you will not have a number or mailbox posted for the world to call.

Once someone has been screened and Michelle Valentine feels there’s symmetry for you to meet, you remain in control: You simply show up for your arranged date at a nice restaurant to meet for drinks… from there, it’s up to you to continue on to dinner. Absolutely no pressure.

Lastly, the depth of Michelle Valentine’s database is unmatched. Simply put, Michelle Valentine has the best roster of single professionals in the world. They are dynamic, attractive, successful, fun, and the most desirable men and women.

“Is Michelle Valentine’s personal service a safe avenue for meeting people?”

Safety is a paramount concern for many people when meeting someone new. All Michelle Valentines’ clients and matches are pre-screened.

This personal screening process provides you with the assurance you would not otherwise get in a casual dating atmosphere or through an online dating service. As a result of the screening process, you are assured of meeting compatible, eligible and responsible individuals.

“What makes Michelle Valentine’s Matchmaking / Personal Introductions service so unique?”

This a testament to the uniqueness in that she offers:

  • Proven psychological methods of allocating matches
  • Trusted name which honors privacy and respect of time
  • Introductions to the most appropriate matches
  • Personal, individual attention by Michelle Valentine and staff
  • The world’s largest network of the finest quality and hard-to-find type of individuals
  • Continuous flow of new clients and members
  • Pre-interviewing process for assuredness of qualifications as potential match
  • Most effective use of clients’ time and resources
  • Strictest confidentiality and privacy
  • Availability of customized outside searches, recruitments, and auditions
  • 100% current photos
  • Proprietary and customized software systems developed for the assurance of the most personalized matches for clients
  • Feedback received from dates – and coaching available
  • Caring and supportive staff with backgrounds in Psychology, Marketing, Beauty, and Education

“I’ve used other online and personal dating services in the past, and the experience was less than I expected. Why should I work with Michelle Valentine as my Matchmaker?”

Just like there are less than wonderful doctors, lawyers, restaurants or dating services – there are also exceptional ones. When you meet in person with Michelle Valentine, and getting to know how loving, personable, and knowledgeable she is, you will wonder why you didn’t try her first!

“Finding someone of the same religious and/or ethnic background is important to me, does Michelle Valentine have a large enough client base to help me?”

As diverse as the world is, so is Michelle Valentine’s database. She has individuals from many religions and ethnicities and acknowledges that many clients have specific requirements relating to those areas of their lives.

You are invited to contact Ms. Valentine to discuss your special needs. If she feels she does not have enough individuals in her network, she will always be up front and advise you as such, and may recommend the the additional, exclusive “Personal Search” opportunity of creation of a unique & customized marketing & promotional campaign (TV/radio commercials, print ads, etc.) to elicit a specific response for you.

“How much does Matchmaking / Personal Introductions cost?”

Michelle Valentine’s  goal is to find what you’re looking for, and she has developed the formula that reaches that goal in a timely fashion. She does not waste time… nor your money.

Fees to personally work with you, one-on-one over the course of one year are reasonable, given the amount of time that is spent searching for your matches. You are invited you to take advantage of a complimentary phone consultation to discuss further. Total up what you have spent within a years’ time of dating (unsuccessfully) on your own – total up all your dinner checks, drink tabs, grooming services, wardrobe expenses, travel costs, online dating fees & memberships, etc…

Also add all the personal hours of your time spent finding your own matches – then multiply those search hours by your working hourly wage. Now, total everything up, and you will easily see that you have spent over $1,000 – and you are still single!

“What is Michelle Valentine’s priority?”

Her priority is to see her clients in the happiest, most successful relationship they have ever had. Her clients are dynamic, successful, and distinctive men and women. They understand the efficiencies gained in outsourcing all important areas of their lives, including a best-in-class Matchmaker to help them meet their goals. As a world-class matchmaking resource, Michelle Valentine provides clients a confidential, high-quality experience.

Michelle Valentine offers men and women the opportunity to meet others of considerable substance and style. Over 99% of her clients would not have normally considered a dating or matchmaking service unless they were assured of the quality of the individuals only Michelle Valentine can provide.

Her clients have created highly successful careers and are looking to equal that success in their personal life. The process of meeting online, going to social and business functions, or local lounges is not for them. Having the time to date, and finding a quality individual are often luxuries. Michelle Valentine helps each client maximize their time, their investment – and introduces them to outstanding potential mates who we feel meet their standards.

“I’m ready for a serious relationship, and I’m ready to work with Michelle Valentine as my Matchmaker. What is the first step?”

Take a moment to fill out this quick inquiry form, and we will contact you within 24 business hours.