Dear Michelle Valentine,

I have been divorced twice, with my first marriage lasting a couple decades and my second, to an abusive husband, less than a year.

I don’t make a lot of money, not even enough to live on my own. If I weren’t living with my current boyfriend, who also has been divorced a few times, I would have to move in with my kids. I had a bankruptcy from the first divorce and am slowly getting my finances straightened out; I also am working on furthering my education.

I expect by a year from now my financial picture should be much better – I never expected to be “rescued” by anyone financially, so when I get my life back in order I will take great pride in having accomplished this goal.

The issue: My boyfriend has been thinking about marrying me, but only if my finances to be in order first. We get along very well, and he says he loves me, my children and my grandchildren – even my dog. We also have the same views on many other issues, but I have had very domineering husbands and am afraid his request is too controlling.

I am building up my self-esteem and I think it may be good to be on my own, to think for myself, for a while. What should I do?

Carol, via e-mail


Dear Carol,

You said it yourself in your very last line:

“I think it may be good to be on my own, to think for myself, for a while.”

With this in mind, you should consider not living with your boyfriend until you two marry – if you decide to marry a man who is more concerned about your money than about you as a person. But, he could be smart about protecting his finances and credit, depending on how deep you are in financial trouble.

In the meantime, living with one of your children might be a good idea. You would have the emotional support of your children, and you could help them out with child care and household chores.

And you should be very, very proud of yourself for getting your life in order and furthering your education!

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Michelle Valentine

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