Over the years I have packed well over 1,000 times for various trips.

Packing for an Alaskan cruise is much different than packing for a bikini-beach weekend getaway in Florida.

I’m a list-maker. To a default that my days always have a to-do list. Since college I’ve kept track of my classes, jobs, activities, and social calendar through my trusty Day Timer.

To this day, I still use an old-school style Day Timer with sheets of beautifully lined paper. There’s pages for lists (yay!), and tabs for months, and tabs for addresses, and more. As a matter of fact, the address book in the back is what I will be using in the coming week to refer to when writing my Christmas cards.

Back to the list-making…

I have a few lists that I use for packing, and I want to share all my packing lists with you, FREE.

I want you to have a wonderful vacation, wherever you go, whenever you go. A way to help you start dreaming and planning your next getaway.

As a special bonus, my “Ultimate Packing Guide” also contains a “Pre-Travel Preparation List” as well as my nifty “Carry-on Packing List”.

Get it now:


Enjoy, and happy travels!