Is this the first holiday you’re spending single – or is this one of many holidays you’ve spent single? Now is the time to take advantage of all the available parties (and available singles).

If you plan right, you just may meet your Mr./Ms. Right!

Here are 4 tips to get you sledding through the holidays:

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Prepare to look your best – and be sure to shine, shine, shine. Get a new hairstyle, buy some new dresses/suits, whiten your teeth, and lose a few pounds (if you need to).

Practice your smile – it takes practice to smile like a beauty queen! Stand in front of your mirror every day and learn to smile with your teeth… be sure to show your top and bottom teeth, for a wide, wide grin!

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Learn to start conversations – necessary when attending holiday parties. Start with a great line such as, “Hello, I’m (Mary), mind if I introduce myself?” Be sure to practice this phrase with a great, big smile, too!

Attend as many singles’ parties as possible – and greatly increase your chances to find someone special. Be sure to mingle, smile, and place yourself where most people congregate at a party… at the food table!

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Happy Holidays!