Dear Michelle Valentine,

I regularly hang out with 3 guy friends. They are all super good-looking and I am a little less than average looking.

They are a lot of fun to be with, but here’s the problem: they always get the girls when we go out, and I am stuck alone.

When they are in a big group of guys and girls, everyone is laughing and having fun, and I stand alone.

What can I do to get girls?

Less than Joe


Dear Joe,

What I suggest you do is to be outgoing and smile A LOT. Remember that everyone is better looking with a smile on their face, so give that a try.

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be sure to approach as many women as possible,

thus increasing your chances of catching at least one woman to talk to.

How about mentioning to your buddies that you feel left out?

If they are your true friends, I am sure they will help to round up an extra girl for you!

Dear Reader:

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Michelle Valentine