Michelle Valentine Media produces travel, food, and lifestyle TV programming for a global audience

Michelle Valentine Media, LLC is a worldwide-reaching television & video production company that creates, develops, and produces multimedia content to promote the tourism and hospitality industries. Michelle Valentine Media, LLC specializes in creating TV series for national television syndication, cable networks, satellite networks, digital streaming, and mobile applications. Michelle Valentine, CEO, is a 20+ year veteran of the television industry as an award-winning Producer and Celebrity TV Host. Television programming credits includes the new world travel TV series, “Love Eat Travel” with Michelle Valentine; the nationally-airing “Michelle Valentine Show”; the nationally-airing “The Dating Show”;  the award-winning music entertainment show, “Offstage”; the home-shopping show, “Michigan Shopping Network”; a fashion and beauty program “L Vogue”; a pet adoption show, “Pets on Parade”; and an arts & craft program, “Michelle’s Craft Show”. Infomercial and commercial clients include the industries of medical, educational, hospitality, beverage/wines, fashion, publishing, and more.


Michelle Valentine
Television Host, Producer, Writer

Lawrence Bakerman
Camera Operator & Editor

Brent Solomon
Camera Operator

Charlette Wozniak
Historical Researcher