Packing Tips for a Summer Alaskan Cruise

Let’s Go on an Alaskan Cruise! Standing on the deck of the cruise ship and looking around at the blue water and glaciers…

Suddenly, a small piece of ice bubbles burst, and you breathe the air that has been locked away for years…

A brilliant glacier cruise trip, only in Alaska!

But before you go, here are some packing tips:

Check the Weather

Always check the weather before you go.

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You can check the local weather on your mobile phone, or download a weather app.


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Packing List for Summer Alaska Cruise Trip

Pack Layered Clothing

Even though it has a hot summer, sometimes it has chilly mornings and nights. Thus:

  • Pack a few t-shirts, preferably the type of a little novelty
  • Pack a warm, lined jacket
  • Pack some long pants
  • Pack jeans and black leggings
  • Long-sleeved shirts will be great
  • Pull-over sweater or two (or three)
  • Soft, fuzzy button-down cardigan sweater (in a beautiful color)
  • Choose soft, comfortable, and loose clothes for daily activities.

Other Clothing Accessories

The sea breeze at night brings not only coolness but also moisture, which makes the body feel colder. Long periods of wind can cause a headache, and you need these to help ward off many cold winds:

  • Pack a knitted hat, even a baseball cap will do
  • Pack thin gloves
  • Scarves can also help you keep your neck warm
  • Bring some cotton socks – and extra socks, more than you think you need
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Packing List for Summer Alaska Cruise Trip


Most activities are nature-based, so you will do lots of walking on dirt paths. Thus:

  • Pack two  pairs of comfortable sneakers or sports shoes
  • Boots may work for keeping your feet warm and be grounded on dirt paths
  • Heeled boots can be fun for casual days and evenings at sea
  • Your favorite indoor slippers for walking in your cabin room
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Other Necessities

  • Chargers for all your electronic devices
  • A thermos for hot water to take to your cabin (hot tea at night)
  • Exothermic padding, which can stick on to keep you warm.
  • Your favorite travel kit of personal care products
  • Some essential medicines, such as allergy medicines and flu & cold medicines

Pack for the Cruise Formal Dinner Night



It’s a cruise trip, so there is always a formal night. I love formal nights on a cruise! This is when you take photos, and get to glamorously walk around the ship! You need to pack:

  • A formal dress, preferably a gown, and something sparkly!
  • Some fancy jewelry
  • Men, pack a nice suit
  • Pair of gorgeous heels
  • Black dress shoes for men
  • Fancy shawl, as it gets chilly at the dinner table, and perhaps walk around outside the ship at night


What do you pack for a cruise?

Tell us and let more people know!