Women are always asking me, “Michelle Valentine, what is the best type of shoe to wear on a date?

The answer?

It depends on the type of date!

If you’re going to a baseball game, wear the most adorable sneakers. Here are some super-cute ones:


If you’re going to the aquarium, wear cute low-heeled sandals like these:


But… If you’re going out to a fancy restaurant and perhaps a hot martini bar afterwards, well, some sexy heels are sure to please! Sexy heels are not about the actual height of the shoe (but it helps, as a higher heels creates a more elongated leg), but more about the details of the shoe.

Details? Like what?

A sexy strap around the ankle…

Dangling charms around the ankle…

A dazzling color.

To help you understand about choosing the best, I’ve compiled a group of the Sexiest Shoes for Hot Dates. Each one of these high-heeled babies will rock your date!

So, buy your favorite from below, and get ready to rock!

Here are some sexy shoes to wear to a fancy restaurant and martini bar:

Michelle Valentine
Your “Shoe Mistress”