Sweet Treats & Scribbles: The Ultimate Hardcover Dessert Recipe Journal for Serious Bakers

If you’re a serious baker with a sweet tooth, then this Dessert Recipes Journal is the perfect companion for you!

This hardcover journal offers 128 ruled line pages (64 sheets), providing plenty of space to jot down your favorite dessert recipes, baking tips, and flavor combinations.

But it’s not just about the recipes – the adorable vintage cupcake print features a delightful design that will inspire your creativity in the kitchen. Plus, the spiral-looking print on the back of the book adds a touch of whimsy to this must-have dessert journal.

The durable casewrap binding ensures that this journal will hold up to all of your baking adventures, no matter how messy they may be.

Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting out, this Dessert Recipes Journal is your new best friend. So grab your apron and start baking with this ultimate hardcover dessert recipe journal for serious bakers! This Dessert Recipes Journal makes a great gift, too!

Perfect size to take with you anywhere: 7.24 height x 5.00 length x .63 width.

.: 128 ruled line pages (64 sheets)
.: Full wraparound print
.: Casewrap binding

Image by [Apple Art / Shutterstock]