Shopping Tips for the 3 Shopping Areas in Alexandria, Egypt

You may want to buy some stylish Egyptian gifts for your friends and family… or some unique decorations for your home, as I did.

I went to the Papyrus Institute and listened (and watched) to a demonstration about the making of papyrus.

This was a great introduction to the art of papyrus-making from reeds, a technique discovered by the ancient Egyptians.


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Money Exchange

You will get 47  Egyptian pounds for one U.S. dollar.


In Egypt, bargaining is expected and necessary. It’s sort of local custom, and you can try the pleasure of bargaining. The vendors are pleasant and were always smiling at us tourists. If you play a little in bargaining, you can buy something you like at a lower price!

Here are the 3 most popular shopping areas:


Souq District

This is one of the most popular shopping areas for visitors to feel Egyptians’ daily life. Compared with the concentrated gorgeous shopping center, this comprehensive market is full of local culture and flavor.

The Souq District is a collection of local buildings and stalls selling different items.

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Seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, bakeries, coffee shops, clothing stores, tailors and more stores are gathered here.

You can stay here all afternoon to buy whatever you like! It’s so fun and interesting!

In addition, you can also shop for local jewelry, spices and gold. Egypt is famous for its gold and spices, and the price of gold is not very expensive.

Mansheya Square

Mansheya Square, also called El-Mansheya, is one of the older areas in the city. It became the principal administrative and commercial center in town after undergoing some vital changes in the 2000’s.

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Some relevant departments and offices are located here, such as the Alexandria Appellate Court and the Alexandria offices of the Egyptian Exchange.

The square has a memorial called Alexandria Naval Unknown Soldier Memorial, specially built to reminisce unknown soldiers killed in the sea battles.

Mansheya Square also witnessed something extraordinary happened, as it was the site of a failed attempt to assassinate Egypt’s second President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Attareen Antique Market

Walking here, you’ll feel like you explore the Diagon Alley at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Because of narrow alleys, ancient brick walls, and products placed by the street-side… all this makes this place full of mysterious atmosphere.

You will touch the history through every piece of antique and artwork, stopping by and listening to the story behind the product.

Don’t miss these alluring shopping places when in Egypt!