Dear Michelle Valentine,

I emailed a few women’s online dating profiles and only 2 out of the 12 emailed me back.

In my online profile I don’t state I have children, but in my email message to them, I tell them right away that I’m a single dad with custody of my two toddler children.

Plus, my life is financially a little rough for me right now.

I know the low response rate has to do with my situation, so do you suggest I don’t tell the women that I what my life is really like?

Michael, via E-mail


Dear Michael,

I am a true believer that you should tell the truth about your major life situation to prospective mates as soon as possible.

Your online dating profile should definitely tell the truth that you have children… your having small toddlers is a major life situtation.

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Although you are disappointed that not every one of the women responded back, it could be a myriad of reasons, so do not assume it is only because you are responsible for your two children.

Second of all, the real issue that exists is honesty:

Let women know that you’re an adjusting single dad, life is a little crazy right now, and what you want is a woman who can understand. Perhaps dating a single mom would be a good match for you?

Remember that the single women who are not fond of your type of living situation are not the ones you would want to date, anyway.

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Why waste anyone’s time… especially yours?

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Michelle Valentine