Finally, I can tell you how to get to Sesame Street!

For many years, Sesame Street existed only within the boxes of our television sets growing up.

However, thanks to SeaWorld Orlando’s latest addition to the park, Sesame Street Land, both children and adults alike can delight in the world from the television show being brought to life before their eyes!


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Visit Sesame Street

When you visit Sesame Street Land, you’ll be able to discover all sorts of spots that are directly inspired by the television show.

There’s an adorable photo spot where you can pose with Elmo and Abby Cadabby at the famous Sesame Street sign…




… and you can even step inside Mr. Hooper’s shop!



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Functioning as a real store like the one in the show, Hooper’s Store offers quick grab-and-go snacks such as chips, granola bars, and juice.

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Family-Friendly Fun!

One of the greatest things about Sesame Street Land is that it features rides that small children can ride.

If you’re traveling with your family and have a child that’s too small to ride on the thrill rides and rollercoasters, you’re guaranteed to find an attraction in Sesame Street Land that they’re able to ride.

A few of the available attractions are Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl, a teacups-style ride where you spin in a bird’s nest…


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Slimey’s Slider, where riders slide back and forth across a ramp in a car shaped like a worm…


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…and Rubber Duckie Water Works, a wet play area where children can splash around and play in the water.

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Be sure to check out all the available attractions when you arrive; the little ones are sure to love them!


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SeaWorld’s Sesame Street Land has one more ace up its sleeve: it’s a Certified Autism Center (CAC).

By partnering with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), Sesame Street Land is fully certified to offer special accommodations to guests with autism, sensory problems, or other special needs.

Every attraction in the area is thoroughly explained in a sensory guide that explains how guests with sensory processing issues may be affected by the experience.

Each of the five senses is rated on a scale of one to ten, with one representing low sensory stimulation and ten representing high sensory stimulation.

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Moreover, guests can take advantage of “quiet rooms” that give guests a safe space when needing a break from sensory stimulation.

If you or a family member have autism or other special needs, then I highly recommend visiting Sesame Street Land.

The area does an outstanding job of providing accommodations and promoting inclusivity toward guests with disabilities.

Travel Tip

There are so many unique and lively things to discover at SeaWorld Orlando’s Sesame Street Land!

It’s an absolute must-do the next time you visit SeaWorld Orlando park, and guests of all ages are sure to have an amazing time.


Have you ever been to Sesame Street Land? What did you think of the experience?

Let us know in the comments below!

photos in this blog post by Katie Logue