Suicides by popular and well-loved celebrities have been in the news recently. While these certainly are tragic events, the news and social media are helping to bring awareness of suicide (and depression) – and hopefully saving more lives.

Depression is a common mental disorder. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that globally, more than 300 million people suffer from depression. So, if you suffer from depression, you are not alone! All ages of people suffer from depression, with more women affected by depression than men. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Depression can lead to suicide.

The good news is that depression – and suicide – can be treated!

If you – or someone you love – suffers from any of these 27 Symptoms of Depression, please seek help. Also, please share this column with all your friends and family… you may help save a life!

Keep in mind, you do NOT need to suffer from ALL of these symptoms. Just ONE may be a symptom if it is affecting your life.

Here are 27 Symptoms that mean you may be suffering from depression:

You are always sad or unhappy
No one is happy-happy all the time, but if you find yourself feeling a general sense of overall “darkness” over you, you may be depressed.

You cry easily
Sure, most of us cry when the dog dies in a movie, but crying for no major reason – or worse – crying most of the time, you may suffer from depression.

You don’t take care of your looks
You used to take pride in your hairstyle and clothing, but not anymore. You throw on anything in the morning… whether it’s from the floor or the hamper, and don’t care how you look. You may not style your hair anymore, or maybe not apply makeup as you once did.  

You get comments from people asking if you are well
If you have received comments from people saying, “Are you not feeling well?”, then you are showing the outside world how you feel on the inside. You may be depressed.

You aren’t as hygienic as you should be
Not bathing daily or at least a weekly washing of your hair is unhygienic. If you’re not brushing your teeth at least once a day, that can cause health problems. You may be suffering from depression.

You get irritated easily
Do you yell at your spouse or your children? Do you make snarky remarks to your co-workers – or to your boss? We all get annoyed at things people do, but if you find yourself over-reacting to their behavior, you may be depressed.

You post your personal sadness on social media
By publicly posting your unhappiness and your sadness, you’re really reaching out, hoping someone will help you. You may be suffering from depression, and you must call for help.

You don’t enjoy your hobbies anymore
Everyone needs a hobby to feel a sense of relaxation and accomplishment. If you don’t do things anymore that you used to love doing, this may be a sign of depression. If you don’t paint anymore, stopped going to dance lessons, don’t go for your daily walk, stopped volunteer work – you may be depressed.

You start taking drugs, start smoking, or drinking
If you started taking drugs, smoking, or drinking (more), then you may be trying to cope with depression.

You have gained and/or lost weight
If you’ve packed on some pounds quickly, or you’ve lost an unusual amount of weight, you may be suffering from depression. Signs could be over-eating unhealthy foods, or you may have lost any sense of delight from eating foods you once loved.

You are keeping yourself isolated from people
You keep yourself locked up at home, or in your room. Or… you still go to work, but once you come home, it’s “lights out”, “shades shut”. Isolating yourself is a sure sign of depression.

You start engaging in risky behavior
If you are sleeping around with strangers, driving too fast, start risky sports like sky-diving or parachuting with the hopes of getting hurt, then you may be suffering from depression.

You watch TV non-stop
Binge-watching favorite show (especially with a friend) can be super-fun! But if you watch TV non-stop, anything on TV, not even programs of interest to you, you may be avoiding your life by immersing yourself in lives on TV. You may be depressed.

You think about giving your things away
If you start thinking, “Oh, I never go anywhere”, or “I’ll never wear these diamond earrings”, you may be suffering from depression. It’s not normal to want to give away things that meant something special to you.

You don’t play with your pets anymore
You used to love seeing your pets so happy! Playing in the yard, going for walks. But now you feel annoyed taking care of them. If you don’t find joy in their joy anymore, you may be suffering from depression.

You have lost interest in dating
You don’t think anyone would be interested in “someone like me” or you just don’t want to get dressed and get out of the house. Dating should be an adventure… something to look forward to… meeting someone new as a potential person to love you. If you’ve lost interest in dating, going to someplace new, meeting someone new, you may be depressed.

You think about living somewhere else
You fantasize that if you lived “somewhere else” you will be happy. Sure, we all could be happier living on a beautiful island with waterfalls and sandy beaches… but if your fantasy may be just that… a fantasy. Remember that wherever you go, you follow yourself… and if you are depressed, no sandy beach will change that!

You sleep too much and/or too little
We all love our zzz’s, but too much sleep could be your way of avoiding your life. If you’re sleeping more than the recommended 8 or 9 hours per day (including nap times), you may be depressed. Same goes the opposite… if you’re not sleeping, tossing and turning, you may be suffering from depression.

You are always tired
If you feel sluggish, living your life in slow-motion, you may be depressed.

You have overall body aches and pains
Your doctor cannot diagnose you with any major disease, yet you feel overall aches and pains… or perhaps you have headaches or stomach troubles. These may be symptoms of depression.

You have trouble concentrating
You can’t remember little things and you can’t concentrate on your work or school work. These are symptoms you may have depression.

You feel like a zombie
A zombie walks around in slow motion, has no feelings toward anything (well, besides live humans). No ups or downs… just moving, breathing, blinking eyes. If you feel “like a zombie”, you may be suffering from depression.

You have extreme mood swings
Are you having mood swings like super-happy for a split second, then crying or yelling the next? Mood swings can be a sign of depression.

You obsess over sad things around the world
Do you find yourself looking at sad photos, watching sad movies, going over photos of long-lost loves, obsessing over your ex’s new love interest? Keeping yourself in a state of sadness is a symptom of depression. Get help from a professional that can get you back to your normal self.

You are having problems at work or school
If you’ve been written up at work or school for missing days, or not completing assignments, you may be depressed.

You avoid people who suggest you seek help
If you are avoiding certain friends and family that are “bothering” you to seek help, you are suffering from depression.

You have thought about dying
If you have ever thought, “I’m sick of living”, “I can’t do this living anymore”, “I hate my life”, “I hate life”, “No one will miss me when I’m gone”, “This world is horrible”… you are severely suffering from depression and need to seek help NOW. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit

You avoid calling for help
If you won’t even pick up the phone to make a simple phone call, you are suffering from depression. All you need to do is pick up the phone and talk to someone NOW. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit


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Suicide is serious but preventable. If you or a loved one needs help, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit