Dear Michelle Valentine,

I’m an attractive female, I take care of my health, skin, and pay special attention to my wardrobe.

The word “attractive” is so common and cliché now – what other words could be used in my online dating profile?

Stacy, via email


Dear Stacy,

Here’s some great, catchy words:

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Appealing, athletic, classy, slender, cute, muscular, plump, tan, skinny, average build, pale, better-than-average, beautiful, chubby, wimpy, little spare tire, couple of spare tires, chunky, hunk, mousy, buxom, voluptuous, large, clean-cut, debonair, debonair, sophisticated, curvaceous, lithe.

From the book, “Playing the Personals”, here’s some words and abbreviations you should never use:

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GOW: grouchy obese woman, UHP: uses hair paint, PPH: poor personal hygiene, SK: Serial killer, MBM: mean bitter man, VMM: very married man, WB: wife beater, CS: chain smoker, HK: hates kids, PS: paranoid schizophrenic, CJ: compulsive jogger, or BW: bed wetter.