Dear Michelle Valentine,

When I was 15, met a girl named Nicole. The day I met her, I swore it was love.

We went for a walk and talked, but she went away after that first day and I didn’t see her or hear from her for nearly two years.

The next time I heard from her, I was in heaven!

But when I called her back, her grandmother told me that she didn’t live there anymore.

What is going on here?

Since the day I met Nicole, I never even thought about another girl, and that has really put a crimp into my teenage dating.

Ray, via e-mail

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Dear Ray,

What you need to gather from this situation is that you have been fantasizing about a girl you have met in person only once and talked to on the phone but twice.

She may not be a celebrity, but this is a typical “celebrity crush,” and it is not healthy.

The short amount of time you have spent with her certainly did not allow true love to form.

You need to start focusing on girls you can spend your teenage years with and have as much fun as you can – you won’t be a teenager forever!