What can you do to enjoy the mysterious Alaskan native culture and the pristine wildlife?

Read on to find out what to do in the Icy Strait Point, Alaska:

Whales, Wildlife and Brown Bear Search

Alaska’s wildlife is a perennial attraction for people: what kind of animals can survive in temperatures of minus 40 to 50 degrees Celsius?

In Alaska, you may see a porpoise jumping in the sea when sitting on a cruise ship, or see a bear when hiking in the mountains.

Say hello to the Icy Strait Point, Alaska!

Glacier Bay Flightseeing

This is probably the most exciting event ever!

Picture this: You’re in a helicopter, and it brings you to fly through towering glaciers; beneath your feet is a world of blue ice… Read more about My Experience Helicopter Flying Over the Magnificent Juneau Icefield in Alaska.

Forest and Natural Tram

Let the tram guide you to discover the natural wonderland made by the rainforest by the channel side and the woodland.

You can see colorful wildflowers all over the mountain. Read more about what It’s Like to Go Up 1,800 Feet on an Alaskan Tramway.

ATV Expedition and Ziplining

Now experience the freedom of flying and the fresh air!

Drive the Kawasaki Mule going through the forest to arrive at the Icy Strait, and you will see something unique that you’ve never seen before! Also, Alaska has the largest zip-line.

Icy Strait Point Advanced Kayak Adventure

To be able to float in a kayak on a sea of crushed ice in the summer and enjoy natural air conditioner, that’s indeed a relaxing trip.

Unlike kayaking in Florida, kayaking on the waters of Alaska takes you to the white world.

Salmon Fishing

This is one of the most popular activities in Alaska! Read about My Epic Adventure Catching Salmon in Alaska: My Fabulous Day Experience!

You can catch a big, fresh salmon for yourself, eat a mouthful of fatty, mellow salmon in a cabin near the shore to feel the ocean’s sense.

Halibut Fishing

Not only the salmon but also the halibut fish has very fresh meat.

After catching a halibut fish, don’t forget to take a picture of your catching a halibut!

Wildest Kitchen

If you love cooking or you are a gastronome, don’t miss this one!

Local fisherwoman and wilderness chef will guide you through the taste of nature.

Walking Tour of Ancient Ocean and Forest

Guide your path with your feet, to feel the ancient oceans and forests, and breathe the fresh air from a hundred years ago.

Hoonah Sightseeing

Hoonah is a largely Tlingit community on Chichagof Island, located in the southeast region of Alaska.

Follow the guide to experience Alaska Natives’ life and feel their traditional culture made by ice, snow and enthusiasm.


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