Ever wanted to travel to historic and romantic Spain?

I loved Spain!

We filmed a few episodes of the “Love Eat Travel” TV series there, and it was so beautiful!

I’ve found a way for you to travel to Spain – without leaving your home! It’s called virtual traveling!

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There are three (3) unique places – Catalonia, Barcelona, and Seville. Choose one, or travel to all three this week!

So, experience the soccer in Barcelona… flamenco in the streets… or the Spanish risotto in restaurants.

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Simply choose the area you would like to experience.

Travel to Spain Today, Without Leaving Your Home!


Travel to Spain Virtually

Catalonia Live Virtual Tour

Discover the highlights of Catalonia on a guided virtual tour through medieval villages, UNESCO listed sites and more. Also, exploring the region with a guide gives you an inside look into the culture. Learn more about this experience…



Travel to Spain Virtually

Best of Barcelona Live Virtual Tour

Love art? Discover the highlights of Barcelona from the comfort of your own home on a virtual tour of the city’s architecture and culture. Led by a professional tour guide, you can get to know the city while exploring landmarks like the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. Learn more about this experience…

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Travel to Spain Virtually

Virtual Tour of Royal Alcazar of Seville

Feel like a king! Discover the Royal Alcazar of Seville on a virtual trip. You will find out the history of the famous palace, in an entertaining, fun way based on the history of the royal palace in Seville, Spain, built for the Christian king, Peter of Castile. Learn more about this experience…



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