Television Show Hosting

Michelle Valentine is a 20+ year veteran of the television industry as an award-winning Producer and celebrity TV Host. Television programming credits include the nationally-airing “Michelle Valentine Show”; the new world travel TV series, “Love Eat Travel” with Michelle Valentine; the nationally-airing “The Dating Show”;  the award-winning music entertainment show, “Offstage”; the home-shopping show, “Michigan Shopping Network”; a fashion and beauty program “L Vogue”; a shelter pet adoption show, “Pets on Parade”; and an arts & craft program, “Michelle’s Craft Show”.


Michelle Valentine Show

The “Michelle Valentine Show” originally premiered on Time Warner Communications in Central Florida and grew to national TV airings in 2014. The Michelle Valentine TV show is available for viewing on smartphones and tablets (iPhone and Android). The Michelle Valentine TV Show is a half-hour, 8-season / 52-episode series that inspires viewers to create happier & healthier life relationships by featuring experts such as doctors, romance novel authors, renowned communication experts, and celebrities, too! Viewers escape each week with Michelle Valentine to romantic destinations around Florida. Viewers learn about exciting romantic adventures while in the area. Adventures include hot air balloon rides, boat rides, parasailing, and more. Cooking segments on the show teach viewers how to cook a healthy and romantic dinner-for-two, plus appetizers and lots of chocolate desserts! Viewers learn beauty & relaxation secrets when Michelle Valentine visits local spas and salons, and features beauty makeovers.

Love Eat Travel

Love Eat Travel is an educational and entertaining travel TV show that takes viewers to gorgeous getaways from around the world. Hosted by Michelle Valentine (an award-winning TV Host & Producer, seasoned world traveler, and travel writer), viewers will learn about the history of fascinating locations, unique activities to do while there, and delicious foods & wines of the featured destination.  Love Eat Travel also showcases fabulous hotels, resorts, and restaurants to help viewers plan their next getaway! The first season of Love Eat Travel will be a 13-episode series. A half-hour pilot is completed, which features Bilbao, a historic city in Northern Spain. New episodes are continually being shot as Michelle Valentine travels the world!

Healthy Cooking

Healthy Cooking 5-minute recipe episodes featuring TV Host, Michelle Valentine, has reached a milestone! The episodes are licensed to over 25 PEG television stations – and airing in over half million U.S. households! Each episode features Michelle Valentine introducing the chef, Marlene Spiegel of Wildtree Spices. The chef cooks up healthy dishes such as Shrimp Scampi, as well as healthy versions of chocolate desserts. Sixteen (16) episodes have been produced and licensed by Michelle Valentine Media, LLC. and are continuously being licensed and distributed.

The Dating Show

The Dating Show is a nationally-airing, 7-episode half-hour television show, licensed to over 25 USA television stations and on various mobile apps. The half-hour episodes feature romantic Florida travel; romantic wining & dining; cooking lessons for romantic dinners for two; interviews with romance novel authors; “Dear Michelle Valentine” advice panel segments, dating games, available singles looking for love, and more! Hosted by Michelle Valentine, B.A. Psychology, an Author and newspaper Advice Columnist, she is known as “Orlando’s Oprah” and has developed a local and international following.

Michigan Shopping Network

Michigan Shopping Network was a half-hour home-shopping program, which allowed local retailers a new & exciting way to advertise their products on TV. Michigan Shopping network aired on Booth Communications Cable, to 23,000 subscribers each weekend. The program aired up to 30 times each weekend to the most affluent cities in Michigan. Clothing, accessories, fine jewelry, and home products were the most popular items featured. Michigan Shopping Network was exciting, effective, and a profitable TV series for retailers.



Offstage was Michelle Valentine’s award-winning music entertainment TV show in the late 90’s. The half-hour program aired on Omnicom Cablevision. Over 13 episodes were produced and aired with many, many reruns over the years. It was an extremely popular, locally-produced TV show seen in nine communities across the Detroit area. The weekly program mixed lively, spontaneous in-studio conversations with clips of musicians performing in nightclubs around the city. As a local musician/singer herself, Michelle Valentine says, “My idea here is to help local bands, to help them get some good exposure. We’re always out scouting (for bands), looking for alternative rock, to country to whatever else is out there.” The program also taped live concerts, festivals, and interviews with international rock stars. Michelle Valentine schmoozed with many rock stars such as Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Metallica, Danzig, Pantera, Dream Theater, and many more. Oh, the behind-the-scene stories Michelle Valentine could tell!

Other television programs aired and produced by Michelle Valentine include
“L Vogue Fashion & Beauty”, “Pets on Parade”, “Hamtramck’s Future”,
and “Michelle’s Craft Show”.