I’m Michelle Valentine.

A dating & relationships advice expert, 
professional matchmaker, an author &
advice columnist, a TV talk show host and
dedicated friend to talk & listen to.

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I was born to talk! I’ve created the love of talking and providing advice into a media empire that helps millions around the world!

Through my personal Matchmaking, my one-on-one Email Advice & Phone Advice and … to my nationally-airing TV show, the Michelle Valentine Show… my popular online dating book, How to Find Love Online… over 200 advice columns published in newspapers and magazines… and speaking engagements around the world… I help individuals get through the tough world of dating and maintaining great relationships! I’ve answered over 100,000 questions so far, and I create immediate results with numerous Success Stories to show for it!

People always ask me,

“How in the world did you become a Dating Advice Expert?!”

As a baby, I started talking unusually early, and I loved my red telephone!

As a teenager and lover of Ann Landers, I wrote my first advice column, “Dear Pinky” (Pinky was my high school nickname) for The Belmont News. This was a one-page “newspaper” I created for the block I grew up on. I paid 10 cents per page to make color copies at the local supermarket.

After high school, my goal was to get a job while attending college that would allow me good income while having a flexible schedule, so working as a manicurist started my love of holding someone’s hand while listening to their problems!

After completing my degree in Psychology from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, I moved to the land of sunshine…


I pitched an idea for an advice column to the Orlando Weekly newspaper about a column for the love-lorn. They loved it!

Dear Michelle Valentine was born, which created a media explosion in Florida, as the advice column attracted new readers and advertisers, and brought in so much money for the newspaper!

While writing my weekly advice column (also published in the Orlando Sentinel, East-West Times, St. Pete Weekly, and Orlando Me Magazine), I began conducting seminars and workshops at local libraries, helping my readers in-person to find love and lasting relationships.

Within a year of writing my advice column for the Orlando Weekly newspaper, I pitched my idea – and received a TV deal for my own weekly TV talk show, which premiered in Orlando, Florida on Time Warner Cable. The dating & relationships TV talk show, the Michelle Valentine Show quickly became very popular and grew to airing in over 1 million households across the state!

I became a “media darling” and numerous other TV & radio news stations (BBC radio, Fox TV, etc.) wanted me on their shows to provide valuable advice to their viewers and listeners!

In 2014, the Michelle Valentine Show was made available for licensing to TV markets nationwide, and continues to air on TV stations across the United States (check your cable listing for times).

In 2016, apps for Apple and Android were developed for watching the Michelle Valentine Show on all mobile devices and televisions.

“Michelle Valentine learned to light the spark of passion, not just in herself, but in others as well.
Her success in creating a world-class service helped her to a clear understanding of how to help others
build powerful relationships of all kinds.”

PBS TV Producer of “Growing Bolder” TV show

During all of this, I received a book deal, and my online dating advice book,
How to Find Love Online: Secrets, Tips, and Lists for Getting the
Best Response
 catapulted my popularity around the online world as an advice expert.

As a published Author, I was invited to speak and authograph my books across the
United States at various Barnes & Noble and Borders Booksellers (and numerous other venues).

My speaking engagements grew to speaking around the world for cruise lines,
and I still travel aboard Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Celebrity cruise lines presenting
topics on psychology, sociology, and arts & entertainment.

I eventually launched my own international dating service, providing personal matchmaking, dating advice and singles events (dances at country clubs, parties at nightclubs, sporting events, speed dating, etc.).

While I have created thousands of relationships as my time as a Matchmaker, my true love has always been working one-on-one with my clients, helping to solve their dating dilemmas and then helping them to maintain great relationships. I love working with individuals via personal Date Coaching, Email Advice, dating & relationship Phone Advice, and creating educational Dating Courses and books.

In addition, I teach people to have a great career by becoming a Certified Matchmaker through Michelle Valentine’s Matchmaking Academy.

I followed my own dating advice and met my husband online a few years ago. We got married aboard a cruise ship with 50 of our closest friends and relatives from around the world. We celebrated our 2-Year Wedding Anniversary June, 2019. We live in Florida in a beautiful ocean-front home, and love watching the dolphins swim by our home and enjoying beautiful sunsets together. I am blissfully happier than I have ever been in my life, and I want to help you get the life you’ve been dreaming of, too!

Which Brings Me to You…

I am here to help you… to talk to you, to guide you, to help you find love!

My philosophy is built on a solid foundation of love, and a passion for the possibilities you possess, and a commitment to be your friend.

Through my free blog (advice columns & video content) and my paid courses and books – I’m able to make all this especially for you. To help you get love in your life… and keep it, too. A life that you deserve, as unique and tailored as you wish.

I’m here to talk to you. Whether it’s just once for clarity on a specific dating problem, or every week to keep you motivated until you find your special someone…

And if you’re very serious about finding your special someone, I will be your personal Matchmaker.

Yes, I provide advice… and it’s not free. But you should know that the vast amount of information I provide for you here on my website is offered to you 100% free of charge. Perhaps something on this website helps you, perhaps not… And if you still need personal advice from me… to listen to your concerns, to hear my voice, receive my advice personalized to you… then you have me.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship. Our friendship.

My love of providing advice and listening to you talk is what I look forward to.

I spend most of my time on the phone, so be sure to CONTACT ME NOW.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited for our journey ahead.

With all my love,

Michelle Valentine