I absolutely love Italian food.

If you have similar taste buds, then it goes without saying that a trip to Rome, the capital of Italy will result in a true culinary experience!

Local, authentic Italian food is a must-try when vacationing in Rome.

When you visit, be sure to try some of these delectable foods and beverages:

Plenty of Pasta

Pasta lovers can rejoice knowing that they’re right at home in Italy.

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Local pasta in Rome is delicious and available in different types and flavored with a multitude of sauces.

One of my personal favorites is Bucatini all’Amatricana, a spaghetti-like pasta with a spicy and tart sauce made with tomatoes and “guanciale,” a type of pork meat.

Osso Bucco

If pasta isn’t your thing, why not try an authentic Italian casserole recipe?

My hubby loves Osso Bucco, a hearty dish consisting of braised veal shanks with broth and vegetables.

Pizza Time!

Who could forget pizza, the ultimate staple of an Italian dinner?

Authentic Italian pizza contrasts American pizza in a few notable ways.

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Compared to American pizza, Italian pizzas feature a thinner crust and fewer toppings.

Additionally, Italian pizza sauce is often pureed rather than slow-cooked, featuring ingredients such as fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and oregano.

If you have children or picky eaters with you when you travel, pizza is a foolproof method to get everyone on the clean plate club.

And as a bonus, everyone will be getting a considerable dose of culture!

Beverages Aplenty

When it comes to beverages, Italians are most notably known for their love of coffee.

Across the country, a plethora of coffee bars can be found, many of which don’t include seating.

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Among the most popular types of coffee in Italy are cappuccinos and espresso.

Or if you’re a wine aficionado, try a glass of Frascati, a dry white wine local to Rome.

Save Room for Dessert!

If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in luck!

Two of the popular desserts in Italy are zuppa inglese and ricotta cake.

Zuppa inglese is a liqueur-soaked sponge cake covered in custard akin to English trifle.

Ricotta cake is a dense cake made from ricotta cheese, and it’s very similar to cheesecake.

Travel Tip

Authentic Italian food is a must-try when visiting the country.

The local food you can discover is scrumptious, and easily of a higher-quality than Americanized Italian food.

Anything I missed?

Are there any other Italian foods that you think visitors should try? Let us know in the comments!