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Why Do People Stack Rocks at Aruba’s Beaches?

Walking along the sandy beaches of Aruba, especially here at Rock Wish Garden in Oranjestad, I found many stacks of rocks of different sizes. They all have a large rock base, with smaller and smaller ones stacking on top.

On this small island in Central America, you can enjoy a moment of peace and quiet.

Ritual or A Symbol?

It looks like a ritual or a symbol, but what do they mean? Why Do People Like Rock Stacking at Aruba’s Beaches?

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These rock stacks are also called Cairns rocks, and the primary purpose of Cairns rocks is as a memorial or landmark. But they mean different things in different places.

In Aruba, these rock stacks mean wishes, each pile represents a wish made by a person.


Rock Stacking at Aruba's Beaches

Rock stacks can be seen everywhere on the island.

Japanese People’s Wishes

In Japan, Japanese people make wishes by writing their wish of hope on ornaments and then hang the ornaments on trees.

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The Uniqueness of Wish Making

Aruba offers people a way – rock stacking — to record their wishes. Sometimes the rock stacking at Aruba’s beaches is for people to pray for good luck, which is a kind of wish.

Each rock is unique, to carry every single request and wish on it.

People may loaded their wishes with a huge stone, or they stacked a few stones to represent a few wishes! It was interesting to see!

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Rock Stacking

The beaches in Aruba are covered with rock stacks, large and small. 

Environmental Concerns

There is serious concern from environmentalists that this rock stacking activity negatively affects nature, as well as having devastating effects to the habitats of wildlife.


Other Things to See in Aruba

The Natural Bridge

"Natural Bridge in Aruba"


Not only rock stacks on the island attract visitors, but there are also some peculiar and interesting kinds of foliage to look at.

I found an interesting looking mushroom tucked away in leaves.




A peculiar mushroom that grows on the island.