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Dear Michelle Valentine,

Is it better to have love and lost it, than to never have loved at all?

My ex-fiancé and I met at a retreat in the mountains. For years we maintained a letter-writing relationship, then lost touch with each other.

Fast forward to Christmas, five years later.

While making my routine holiday “hello” telephone calls to friends, I took the chance and called his parents’ house in Connecticut to say hello, and behold, we talked for over two hours!

We started writing to each other again, and eventually he came to visit.

We did the Disney thing, the beach thing, and the wild thing.

As a result of consummating our relationship we were in love. He proposed and flew back to Connecticut to pack.

A few weeks later, I flew north to meet his parents and family, and helped him move south.

Once settled into my small cottage and into a routine, we were happy.

Then the call came; his mother was ill. She had gone into kidney failure and was fading fast.

He went north for a week, came back, packed his things and moved back home. I was heartbroken.

Since then, I have not been in love or anything even close to love. We had lost touch, but now we are talking again.

I realize that we can only be friends, and it’s breaking my heart, but what else can I do?

Lost Love Linda


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Dear Linda,

The emotional roller coaster ride that this unstable guy has put you through is justification enough to move on without him!

He blatantly walked right over you and has not included you in his life.

Granted, he is a good enough person to help with his family, but to move and take all his belongings – without bringing you, his fiancée – hints an underlying story:

He saw you as a “retreat” from his problems back north.

It was quite easy for him, knowing that you had open arms and a home waiting for him.

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His behavior toward you shows a complete lack of respect and love, and he certainly does not even deserve your friendship!

Move on and you will find –  and fall for – a real man that truly loves you.


Dear Reader:

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Michelle Valentine