Dear Michelle Valentine,

I’ve contacted each of the men who contacted my online dating profile, and I would like to meet 9 of them.

What can you recommend for my “first date” encounters?

I’m concerned about “how do we find each other” and of course, safety. 



Dear Natalie,

You’re on the right track of arranging a few dates to experience a variety of potentially compatible people.

It’s good that you are open-minded – we all have many, many people in the world that we are compatible with, so meeting a few potential men is great!

Here are some “first date” recommendations, especially to keep your safety in mind:

  1. Inform the person you are meeting about the color of your attire for easy recognition. For instance, let him know you’re wearing your favorite red leather jacket.

  2. Choose a public place as your meeting place. Choose a coffee shop, restaurant, or cocktail lounge.

  3. Meet the other person there. Drive in separate vehicles.

  4. Wait up front to allow the person you’re meeting to identify you.

  5. If the person that you meet does not spark any chemistry, be respectful in declining their second-date inquiry. Don’t waste someone’s time – or emotions.

Remember, you have nothing to lose, but could gain a lifetime of happiness by getting out there and meeting men.