There’s always a party going on aboard a cruise ship!

On my Princess cruise, there was a super-fun Streamer Dance Party!

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The evening party was held on the Lido Deck – for those of you that are not familiar, the Lido Deck is where the main outdoor swimming pool, outdoor bars, and outdoor grill restaurants are located.

On the night of our party, there was an outdoor band on the stage, and the cruise staff got everyone in a party state of mind!


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The music blared, cruisers danced, and then…

Hundreds of streamers fell on the crowd!



One cruise staff member was a willing volunteer to be wrapped around and cocooned in hundreds of streamers! Everyone watched and danced around him!



Then he was dragged around the dance floor, laughing all the way!



All in all, it was a super-fun time, and we laughed, danced, and partied the night away!


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