Dear Michelle Valentine,

This may sound crazy, but I can’t stop thinking about what this psychic palm reader in Miami told me: 

She said the man I would marry would be tall, blonde, and have brown eyes! Oh no!

I’m Hispanic, and it’s important to me to find a man who is also Hispanic.

But, because of what she told me, I’m worried about what I should say in my online dating profile.

Should I say seeking blonde male, or seeking Hispanic male? I don’t want to limit myself, either!

Please help me decide!



Dear Maria,

Don’t worry so much about physical characteristics! 

Focus more about the qualities you’re seeking in a man (warm, funny, loving, marriage-minded, likes the beach, etc.)

If finding a man of Hispanic descent is important to you, state that specifically in your online dating profile.

But who knows – there could be a marriage-minded, loving, blonde Hispanic male that answers your profile!

Take the chance, Maria, and your next letter to me might be that you found the love of your life… and he’s a redhead!