Dear Michelle Valentine,

What are the signs that a man is “in love” with me and would want to marry me?



Dear Clara,

Quoting from the popular book, “How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You”, here are the signs if your beloved desires to have a secure and happy relationship with you – and if he envisions possible marriage to you:

  • He begins to date you every weekend
  • You begin seeing each other during the week, as well
  • You find you are together on a regular schedule
  • Your relationship is happy 90 percent of the time
  • You begin to miss each other whenever you’re apart
  • He gives you little gifts
  • You spend holidays together
  • You meet his family and he meets yours
  • You take vacations together (and survive)
  • He initiates open, relaxed discussions about the pros and cons of marriage.
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And one last note I’ll add on the subject: He gives you and engagement ring!