Best Hurricane Stress-Relieving Tips from a Floridian

In the Northern Atlantic Ocean, “Hurricane Season” begins June 1 and lasts through November 30. Having to go through a hurricane is an anxiety-ridden experience.

Living in Florida, I’ve been through quite a few of them, and Hurricane Ian was extremely traumatic to me.

My husband lived through Hurricane Andrew in 1992, which destroyed his family’s home. To this day, he is saddened at the loss of hundreds of precious family photos.

Here are some of my personal tips to relieve stress for yourself, your family, and your pets:

Take a Shower, Wash Your Hair

After you’ve “battened down the hatches”, and fairly settled in the house, take a shower and wash your hair. You will feel refreshed… and most importantly, more relaxed before the hurricane takes a major effect. If the electricity goes out, at least you are cleaned up. Speaking of cleaning up…

Baby Wipes Are Great

Baby wipes are great to keep feeling fresh “down there”. Some baby wipes are very small in size, so you may need two at a time. Or, you can find the adult bottom wipes. They are much costlier, and you get less in the package, but see which ones you like best.

Also, they are available unscented and scented, and sometimes with aloe or lavender scented. If you are sensitive to perfumes, get the unscented baby wipes. But… if you are not sensitive, I highly suggest you get the lavender-scented wipes. Lavender is a scent that is “calming” to the senses, and that’s what you need during a hurricane… calming and cleaning!

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Using baby wipes comes in handy on other body parts, too, in so many ways!

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Of course, changing your clothing and underwear is always ideal, but during a hurricane, it may not be easy to accomplish, as you may have limited access to clothing, or no place to privately change, or the floors may be wet and dirty and you may not want to undress right there.

Use baby wipes on your bottom, of course, but they also make excellent washcloths, ideal for washing around your neck, your forehead, your entire face, under your arms, to clean your hands and under your nails, and wipe your feet to keep them fresh and clean, too.

Use Pet Wipes for Dogs and Cats

If you have pets that are weathering the storm with you, pet wipes for dogs and cats (similar to baby wipes) are great for keeping your pet smelling fresh.

Plus, your pet(s) will absolutely love the attention you will provide them by rubbing the pet wipes all over their body. Helps to de-stress them, too.

Uses for Baby Powder

Baby powder is excellent at absorbing moisture. Again, if you are sensitive to perfumes, get the basic scent. But if not, be sure to get the lavender-scented powder.

Use baby powder for three unique solutions:

  1. Use baby powder on your hair to absorb oils from your scalp and hair. During a hurricane, washing your hair is not very easy or convenient to do if the electricity goes out. Especially if you need a hairdryer. Your hair will get oily and limp. Of course, you can wear a hat, but when the temperature rises from no electricity for air conditioning, a hat can start to feel really itchy and make you feel irritable. The powder will make your look (almost) as you washed it. Added bonus: You will feel freshened. Simply make large parts of your hair, and sprinkle a little powder on your scalp, doing this maybe four or five big chunks around your scalp. Gently rub your scalp and hair, dispersing the powder throughout your head of hair. Then, comb or brush your hair like normal, and “Voila!” you have poofy hair.
  2. Freshen your body with baby powder. Sprinkle on your back to absorb a sweaty back. Simply open your shirt from the collar, and sprinkle powder down your back. Also sprinkle on your hands then rub down your arms and legs to feel freshened! Works great for a sweaty forehead, too.
  3. Freshen up sweaty feet with baby powder. Wearing closed-toed shoes (sneakers are best) during a hurricane is best for keeping toes and feet unharmed when moving things. Plus, it helps with traction if flooring becomes wet, or you have to run. Changing your socks is ideal, of course, but if that is not possible, a good dose of baby powder on the feet can do wonders to making your feet smell fresher… and make you feel better overall.
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Get Out the Reading Materials

Electricity going out is almost a given in a hurricane situation. Have plenty of reading material on hand to keep your mind occupied. A good book or a stack of magazines (the ones you’ve been meaning to get to). Read through your cookbooks for inspiration. Better yet, take all those recipes torn out from magazines and organzine them into your own cookbook recipe binder.

Don’t Be Bored – Play Board Games

Ah, board games… Most everyone today plays digital games, but board games make your mind work in a different way. Go back in your storage room, dust off the cobwebs, and play mind board games like Scrabble, Upwords, or the long-play Monopoly. Who doesn’t have a Monopoly somewhere in the house?

Watch Your Phone Usage

Be sure to be smart with your smartphone battery by turning on the “Power Saver” option on your phone. You can locate near the basic settings of the mute/GPS/airplane mode area of your phone. Of course, only use your phone for potential emergency use, so keep it fully charged. Consider getting an Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio/Flashlight/USB Charger… you will be glad you had one of these!

Write Holiday / Christmas Cards

If you have many hours of “nothing to do” because the electricity went out, this would be a great time to write out all your Holiday/Christmas cards! Take a little time to hand-write a special note on each card. Address each card, and before you know it, your Holiday/Christmas cards are done!

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Put Together Scrapbooks

If you’ve been meaning to create that scrapbook from your last vacation, sitting around and waiting for a hurricane to pass is a good project to work on, to keep your mind occupied with happy thoughts. Get the whole family together working on this intricate project, and it will provide fun and family bonding during a stressful time.

Organize Photo Albums

No, not the hundreds of photos on your phone or computer. The electricity is not working! Now is the time to get out the box of photos you have been meaning to sort.

*Warning: Bringing out precious life & family photos is to be done “after” the hurricane has passed. You do not want to have precious life and family photos out before a hurricane, just in case of water damage. Speaking of water damage… if you have lots of photos in cardboard shoeboxes (up in closet shelves/under the bed) now would be the time to place them in secure plastic containers and/or plastic zipper bags.

Bake a Cake

Ahh… the scent of a yummy cake baking is soothing to all. Plus, you can occupy yourself doing something that is creative and all will enjoy participating in. Bake a yummy chocolate cake.

No electricity? Make this Heavenly Chocolate Mousse or bake a tasty loaf of bread. How about baking some cookies or cupcakes? Having the family help stir the batter and frosting the cake or cupcakes is fun and gets your mind off the mean hurricane happening out there.

Do you have a crockpot? Make delicious Slow Cooker Red Wine Chicken. Added bonus: The house will smell delicious!

Do you have any hurricane tips to share?

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