Dear Michelle Valentine,

My online dating profile has been up, on and off, for about two to three months.

My criteria specifically call for a church-going, God-fearing, practicing Christian woman, but I have not received a single response!

I’m wondering if there are any Godly single women willing to stand up and take a chance. Any suggestions?

Patiently Waiting, Orlando


Dear Waiting,

There are many church-going Christian women out there searching for a good Christian man.

Where, you ask?

First of all, they are more than likely reading publications that cater to Christians – and responding to online profiles on those sites. Google various types of online dating sites that are out there.

Another place to find Christian women is organizations and events sponsored by Christian singles groups. Of course, you also should inquire whether your own church has a social singles group – if not, why don’t you form one?

When dating, should it matter what religion a person is? Please leave a comment below!

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Michelle Valentine


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