Dear Michelle Valentine,

I’d like to do something really extraordinary for my husband for Valentine’s Day.

He’s really into cars, he goes to all the auto shows, and has subscriptions to all the “fast car” magazines.

Any suggestions to “wow” my sports car loving man?

Sandy, Wife of Car-Loving Husband

Dear Sandy,

For your husband, fast cars and romance have definite possibilities together!

How about renting – just for a day – a bright red Ferrari?

Go to an exotic rental service or auto dealership, and inquire about renting a Ferrari. Rates can go up to a couple thousand dollars per daily rental, so research your options.

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Be sure to have the car delivered to your driveway on Valentine’s Day.

Pack a fabulous gourmet picnic basket filled with a nice bottle of wine, a loaf of fresh Italian bread, some gourmet cheeses and exotic fruits. Have a soft blanket folded and ready, and tell your husband you’re going on a picnic for Valentine’s Day.

When he asks, “Where are we going?”… tell him it’s a surprise.

As the two of you leave your front door, your husband will see the extraordinary surprise in the driveway! Hand him the keys, and tell him, “We have it for the day!”

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Let him decide where to go on the picnic… maybe a fun drive to the beach?


Dear Readers:

What was the BEST Valentine’s Day gift you ever received?

Or, what was the WORST Valentine’s Day gift you ever received?

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Michelle Valentine

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