Dear Michelle Valentine,

I’m an “incurably romantic” man… I love to buy her flowers, and walk hand-in-hand, and even recite poetry to her.

I know these are not very “masculine” traits, so how do I state in my online dating profile how I really am, without sounding too wimpy?

Stephen, via email


Dear Stephen,

Women adore men who are romantics at heart!

Women love to receive flowers and all those other “mushy” romantic notions!

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But stay away from the words “I’m an incurable romantic” in your online dating profile.

People who make this over-the-top statement in their profile believe that they are telling the world that they are warm, fun-loving, and approachable…

But to many people, an “incurable romantic” may give the impression of a person with an “uncontrollable emotional problem” who is a slave to his passions and is, perhaps, incapable of making rational decisions!

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Instead, why not paint a romantic word picture into which the reader can envision along, such as

“I like long, warm, caring conversations over a steaming cup of hot chocolate…”


“Let’s have dinner at a romantic restaurant by the beach then watch the sunset while sipping strawberry daiquiris…”


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