Attending a Christmas parade in Florida takes a different type of planning. Compared to snow-covered parade-watching – I’ve stood in Michigan freezing weather – there are a few things to keep in mind when standing in the hot sun!

Here’s my “Parade-Watching Tips”:

  • Wear lightweight clothing such as shorts and t-shirt – or a comfy cotton wrap dress
  • Bring a sweater as it can be a bit chilly in the morning (then take off as the day progresses into afternoon)
  • Bring a few bottles of water (freeze two bottles for icy cold water later)
  • Bug spray, if watching a parade near the lake or river waters
  • Sunscreen! Be sure to apply at least a half hour before the festivities begin
  • Lightweight folding chairs (no lugging of heavy chairs in 80-degree weather)
  • Blanket (if sitting on the grass)
  • Paper towels (great for food spills… or perspiring foreheads)
  • Dried fruit & nut snacks (no sandwiches with mayo or spoil-worthy chicken)
  • Sunhat (sun visor, wide-rimmed sun hat, or baseball hat)
  • Chapstick to prevent sunburned lips
  • Fully-charged phone for taking awesome photos and videos!
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Do you have any COLD-weather tips to share on Christmas parade watching? Share your tips in the comment box below: