When you think of Aruba, you probably think sea, sun and beach… But Aruba has more to offer than that, and there are different sorts of activities you can do.

One of the adventures I experienced in Aruba was visiting an ostrich farm. Yes, African Ostriches in Aruba!

Although Africa is the native land of the ostrich, this intriguing bird finds a perfect home in Aruba’s rugged landscape. The Aruba Ostrich Farm allowed me to meet its 80-count flock of the largest living species in the world. I took advantage of the guided tour of the ostrich farm, which was inhabited by both ostriches and their flightless Australian relatives, emus.

Our tour guide was wonderful! She was so knowledgeable!


The tour at the Aruba Ostrich Farm provided me the opportunity to learn about the natural behavior and survival instincts of these amazing creatures through detailed information as well as personal encounters with the birds. Plus – the most amazing thing to happen, was feeding the ostrich!

 It was amazing to see such large ostrich eggs, and watching the cute little ones!


After the tour, I visited the African Art Shop, which was chock-full of authentic goods from South Africa.

After the informative and fun tour, some people took advantage of the chance to sample an ostrich meat dish at the Savanna Lodge Bar & Restaurant – supposedly, it was delicious eating the feathery friends!

I chose to just sit back and relax…


 The Aruba Ostrich Farm provided such a memorable and unique experience, and I hope you get a chance to experience this unique adventure while in Aruba!


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