What could be more adventurous than climbing a 300-feet glacier ice wall in Alaska?

Glacier climbing has become an increasingly popular challenge in recent years in various countries.


glaciers in Alaska




300-feet ice wall in Juneau, Alaska



No end in your sight, glaciers reflect the sky in a bright blue.

They look like mint ice cream that can make your trip sweet and full of happiness.

When you get here, you will hold your breath for seconds — everything here is gorgeous: the glaciers, the salubrious air and the beautiful scenery of nature!



300-feet ice wall in Juneau, Alaska




ice climbing in Alaska


The vast expanse of the glacier and the alluring blue will make you be shocked by its verve. Also, the 300-feet glacier ice wall says hello to you!


But ice climbing is not easy. It can be harder and more challenging than rock climbing.

Before you go, you must know the following basics:



helicopter glacier Alaska

❣ Physical Capabilities


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You must be at least 15 years old to participate. Because you need a developed and healthy body to support you walking unassisted for about three hours on the ice.

It’s not easy because the ice is slippery, and your gear is heavy. Thus, you have to be able to carry all the gear and keep balance on the ice.

It’s a tough activity and requires a lot of physical energy, so make sure you don’t get sick before you get involved.



ice climbing in Alaska




ice climbing in Alaska


❣ Experience Needed

Previous experience with ice climbing, using an ice axe or crampons is preferred.

Besides, walking on ice requires more energy to maintain balance than walking on land, so fitness before a trip can be helpful.



300-feet ice wall in Juneau, Alaska




300-feet ice wall in Juneau, Alaska

❣ Release Forms

You will have to sign a release form of liability before you start the tour, but don’t worry, the trained coach will try his/her best to look after your safety.

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All you need to do is follow the coach’s guide and enjoy nature.



300-feet ice wall in Juneau, Alaska




ice climbing in Alaska

❣ Gear to Wear

Ice axes, crampons, safety ropes, gaiters and helmets are necessary to keep your safety when climbing a 300-feet glacier ice wall.

Notice, when choosing the size for your shoes, select the appropriate one. Because crampons need strength to get into the ice, the wrong shoe size will only make you lose strength. Moreover, nearly three hours away, shoes of the wrong size can end up the trip as a nuisance.



ice climbing



Furthermore, keep a few small energy bars with you for instant energy replenishment.

I recommend wearing long socks, a mask, gloves, a hat. Besides, you need a sweat-sucking layer to keep you warm and dry. Even though the ice is cold, it’s an intense exercise. Thus, a sweat-sucking layer will keep you warm and dry without accelerating the loss of body temperature.

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You also need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. Snow and ice are incredibly reflective of sunlight, up to 95%, so looking straight at them is like looking straight at the sun. Sunglasses will protect you from photokeratitis, a condition of temporary blindness caused by the bright light in the eye’s retina.



❣ Best Time to Visit




May, June, July and August are the best months to go and visit.

One is that glaciers can cool down your summer, and give you a comfortable summer break. Two is that glaciers in the winter may not open to the public because of the increased risk of heavy snow cover.


Here is a short video that recorded my ice climbing.

Click and watch it, then share the fun!



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