Dear Michelle Valentine,

I’ve been dating this guy for about 3 weeks now, and everything has been perfect.

He’s super fun to be with; he is a great dancer; and we go out with a lot of his friends.

Well, during dinner last night he told me that he is changing religions… from non-denominational to Mormon! He said that he is prepared to give up his ways of drinking, dancing, and a lot of other things we have normally been doing to have fun together. I was shocked!

Where do I go from here with him?



Dear Melissa,

You say you have been enjoying his company so far, so now you need to ask yourself under which basis.

Is it because of the activities you have been doing together (drinking, dancing, partying till dawn)?… Or is it because you enjoy his company (his personality, his mannerisms, his caring nature, etc.).

If you truly can have fun with him just sitting on a park bench and carrying on a great conversation and he makes you laugh and smile, then it would be quite worthwhile to make a go of this relationship.

But, if you have been having fun with him simply because he takes you to the hippest nightclubs, drinks alcohol to excess, and parties until morning, I think you can easily find someone else to replace him.

You need to look into your heart to realize what type of guy you truly desire.

Dating this guy for a mere 3 weeks is certainly not enough time to base a long-term relationship decision, anyway.

Dear Readers:

Is religion important to you when choosing a mate to date? Why or why not?

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With so much love and appreciation,

Michelle Valentine