Largest Single Glacier Outside of Alaska

In Washington State, there is a natural park called the Mount Rainier National Park.

It has a mount with a summit elevation of 4,392 meters, which makes it the highest mountain in the state.

It is also the tallest volcano in the United States, with the largest single glacier outside of Alaska.

The highest point in the U.S. Cascade Range is surrounded by canyons, waterfalls, ice caves, and 25 major glaciers.

The national park has five areas to visit:

Paradise, Ohanapecosh, Sunrise, Longmire, and Carbon River.

Each of them has a different and unique view, which makes the park one of the visiting-worthy natural places to go.

I flew over Mount Rainier on my way to an Alaskan Cruise, and was surprised to learn that the Mount Rainier National Park had more to offer than just a beautiful mountain!

Here are 4 Fun Things to Do at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State:

Go Camping

It can be your best summer weekend to go camping in the national park!

You may want to enjoy your space without much disruption, so selecting a peaceful and quiet area is vital.

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Photo by Sergei Berezin from Pixabay.


At the north area of Mount Rainier, Sunrise offers spectacular views of glaciers and probably a bright look of Mount Baker and the Pacific Ocean. What a lovely place to go!

Additionally, the Carbon River is where tourists are usually not going because most of the roads are unpaved, but it’s a beautiful place to camp.


Go Hiking

Go hiking, go hiking!

Even just for a weekend, you can have a relaxing two-day journey here, to enjoy your own, peaceful time.


Mount Rainier National Park

Photo by Amelialaura from Pixabay.


Paradise makes the most popular day trip in the national park so that it can be your first stop.

In July and August, there will be endless fields of wildflowers.

Moreover, the end of the Alta Vista Trail (a route for hiking) will merge with Skyline (another way for hiking), where the Myrtle Falls will be visible when you look around.

You can also go to Panorama Point, where you can have a complete view of the snowy mountain.

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Longmire is another good choice; it’s the earliest area developed in the park.

It also has the Longmire Museum, which is open all year round.

The National Park Inn can let you go “glamping” and have a nice night of sleep indoors.

Have a Picnic

Who wouldn’t want to have a picnic in an environment with a panoramic view of flowers and waterfalls brought by nature?

Whether alone or with family and friends, it will give you a relaxing experience.


What you can do at the Mount Rainier National Park

Photo by Luidmila Kot from Pixabay.


Carbon River, Mowich Lake, and Paradise are good places to have a picnic because they all have grass lawns that are peaceful for visitors to stop at.

Bring your favorite picnic food and find a shady area to enjoy the summer in coolness!

Go Mountain Climbing

As Mount Rainier is the highest mountain in Washington, it attracts thousands of people to climb.

If you are also a mountaineering enthusiast, this is definitely where you want to go!

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Photo by Kanenori from Pixabay.


In the summer, climbing the mountain while looking at the sea of flowers below can make your journey colorful.


Mount Rainier

Photo by Robert Jones from Pixabay.

Tips for Visiting Mount Rainier Park in the Summer:

  • Remember to bring comfortable climbing suits with you.

  • Climbing boots and alpenstock of good quality can help you a lot because not only paved trails, but also there are sections of rough rock. Thus, climbing boots can protect your ankles, and alpenstock can be supportive.

  • Mark these two points: If climbing more than 10, 000 feet (3, 048 meters), you must obtain a climbing permit, the website said, and each individual must pay the Climbing Cost Recovery Fee before going to the park. Address: 55210 238th Avenue East, Ashford, WA 98304.

  • You can easily drive to the park, it’s about 59 miles from Seattle.

  • Wear windproof clothing and climbing clothes. The weather is cold there, even in summer, because the mountain is covered with snow all year round.

  • There are different entrance fees for different activities.

  • Check the fees at:

  • For more information about Mount Rainier National Park, visit:


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