Dear Michelle Valentine,

I love hearing you on the TV and radio. You are such an inspiration to me, and thousands of others I am sure. Your advice has taken me a long way in the past few years, but I still have one problem when it comes to finding the “right” woman.

I have what you might call a small fetish in bed… it involves feet.

It seems to be a problem when I mention it to a woman that I am dating and approaching the point of being romantically involved with them on a physical level.

It seems that when I mention my “issue” to the opposite sex, I get rejected immediately.

I am looking to you for some advice, since I really believe in you.

I am very up front with all of my dates and let them know what I like before I jump into bed with them and expect them to do it. I just can’t seem to find anyone who is willing to accept me and my foot fetish.

Is there anything that you can do to help me?

I am desperate and am willing to try anything to find someone who will take me as I am. Please help.

O.R. Ryan


Dear Ryan,

Expecting women you immediately meet to adhere to your unusual foot fetish is a bit much for anyone to handle…

But on the other hand, I commend you for being honest with women you meet.

Best might be to wait until you meet your “Miss Right” to share your foot fetish with – she may be willing to “try” this foot fetish out with you because she loves you… maybe she will like it!

Maybe she will have a little fetish of her own to share, too!

… And maybe she may not be able to handle it and break up with you.

To fulfill you visually, you could get involved with online sites that deal with your type of fetish.

Perhaps search for IRL (In Real Life) sites where you can meet women that would enjoy sharing your fetish.

If you are obsessed with your fetish that it interferes with your daily life and your dating life, I suggest you seek professional help.

Dear Reader:

Have you dated someone with a sexual fetish? How did you handle it? Please leave a comment below to help our readers!


Michelle Valentine